After Supporting SMEs with Harbokir, 2 Houses are Provided for JNE Employees as the Grand Prizes in Celebrating its 28th Anniversary

10 December 2018

December, 2018 - November 26 is JNE’s annual important moment. Not only as a moment for JNE to be grateful for its presence in Indonesia, but it is also one right opportunity for JNE to appreciate its customers and employees throughout the archipelago.

JNE’s appreciation for its customers has been realized through HARBOKIR (Free Shipping Day) program, in which this year is its third time. Meanwhile, the appreciation for its employees, JNE annually presents hundreds of prizes given at the peak event of its Anniversary celebration that this year will be held on December 9, 2018 at the Indonesian National Monument (known as Monas) - Central Jakarta.

Similarly to the previous years, HARBOKIR 2018, beginning on November 25-26, 2018, has gained a great success, proven by the increasing number of JNE package delivery within the period by 178% when compared to that on regular weekdays which now has reached an average of 20 million packages per month or around 650 thousand packages per day.

It is recorded that more than 1.6 million packages have been delivered during the program of 2-day Harbokir 2018 in line with JNE's expectation that people may enjoy the Harbokir program. This success is also expected to directly encourage the development of SMEs in boosting their sales, just like in last 2016 and 2017.

M. Feriadi, JNE President Director, said, "We are so much grateful for the success of Harbokir this year. The increasing number of package delivery is predicted as the impact of the increasing package delivery activities made by the SMEs from their online transactions. It is expected that this activity may become one real contribution for the development of SMEs’ business and provide a positive impact on the national economy".

A series of programs in celebrating the JNE’s 28th Anniversary has not been over yet. This time, JNE will hold a big event at the Indonesian capital city’s icon located in central Jakarta. During the whole day, various attractive and interesting activities will be presented for all JNE employees and the surrounding communities.

"In addition to its support for SMEs mutually growing with JNE, employees have also become its major concern. Therefore, the peak of JNE annual anniversary celebration is maximally held. This year, the celebration will surely be even more alive due to its special spot and moment that all employees may fully enjoy the event and those who are lucky may obtain fantastic prizes from JNE, just like the previous years," Feriadi further explained.

Similarly to JNE annual anniversary celebration, this time JNE also provides spectacular door prizes for employees. 2 units of house, more than 30 units of motorcycle, and various attractive prizes will be given to those lucky employees at the peak of JNE’s 28th Anniversary celebration. This year, the celebration will become more alive due to the increasing number of motorcycles given to the lucky employees when compared to that held last year.

The program hosted by MC Teuku Zaky this morning, and then continued by MC Darto and Ayu Dewi in the afternoon till the end, contained various fun activities. 10,000 attending employees may take a part in fun walk entitled "Delivering Happiness" with the route starting from Gambir Gate - Bundaran HI and then back to Gambir Gate followed with Maumere Gym activity.

In addition, JNE’s tradition to provide donations for orphans, made for 28 years, is given to 28 orphans, after 28 orphanages in Jakarta and surrounding areas were previously invited to do shopping for their daily needs on November 26. The cutting session of cone-shape rice dish (in Indonesia known as tumpeng) after giving the donation will also become one special air show as it is flown by the drone.

The main stage at the peak of JNE’s 28th Anniversary Celebration will also be more enliven by various special performances of Indonesian’s well-known artists, just like the previous annual events. This year, the celebration may become more attractive as there will be a standup comedy show performed by Babe Cabiita, followed by a special performance from Ayu Ting Ting and Padi for all JNE employees.

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