Bangka Belitung Governor has just inaugurated the JNE Founder’s Luxurious Mosque

14 June 2021

Bangka Belitung, June 2021 – the great Mosque Soeprapto Soeparno was first established by the JNE founder, the late Mr. H. Soeprapto Soeparno in 1979. It was built on a land area of ​​1,405 m2 and able to accommodate up to 1000 worshipers. This mosque was located on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Beluluk, Pangkalan Baru District, Central Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Province. This Mosque has a strategic location which is close to Depati Amir Airport-Pangkalpinang, This mosque is known by local residents as the Airport Mosque. The renovation has been started in October 2018 and now, the mosque appearance is very luxurious and modern. There is a tower firmly standing on the right side of the mosque, adding to the majesty of this white mosque which has a unique design in Bangka Belitung.


The figure of the late H. Soeprapto Soeparno was not only known as the JNE founder, but also as a humble person who loved sharing with others. Born in Bangka on 7 October 1937, he really concerned on the people of Bangka where he was born. He has built and donated the great mosque Soeprapto Soeparno to enable local residents to gather and worship together in the mosque.


Series of events for the inauguration of the great mosque Soeprapto Soeparno held on June 9, 2021, began with the ribbon cutting performed by her wife, named Mrs. Hj. Nuraini Soeprapto along with Mrs. Melati Erzaldi , the Head of PKK Mobilization Team in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands Province and also accompanied by the wife of Bangka Belitung Governor. The event ran very well and was then ended with a prayer solemnly led by H. Abdul Muttalib, one of the mosque's administrators.


In this occasion, the Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands, DR. H. Erzaldi Rosman, SE, MM then inaugurated the great mosque Soeprapto Soeparno and he expressed his admiration to the JNE founder through his speech. “I have known him very well and he is a true inspiring person. This mosque has an important role in shaping my characters and my friends since childhood. We often recited the Holy Qur’an after maghrib prayers in this mosque. I do hope that this mosque will not only become a center of worship for people, but also empower people's economy through creative programs to improve people’s economy," said Governor Erzaldi.


The JNE President Director, M. Feriadi Soeprapto, the second son of the JNE founder, was also present. A close familial relationship between the big family of JNE founder and the big family of Governor Erzaldi made the meeting at the inauguration ceremony in this mosque was really touching. M. Feriadi Soeprapto said, Bangka Belitung is a home to the large family of JNE founders. The existence of this mosque, of course, has become the spirit of my late father who wanted to build this mosque since a long time ago. In the past, my father thought how to make the surrounding people have a worshiping place to unite everyone here,” he added.


Raul Renanda Amrul is the architect of this mosque, with his philosophy linking the old changes to the new regenerations. The old tower building, on the right side of the mosque, is a symbol of elevating parents. Furthermore, the taller semi-circular tower behind the original tower means children or new generations must protect their parents. The mosque dome is inspired by the Kaaba dome shape. So, the dome resembles the Kaaba dome, while the holes are inspired by the mosque pillars in Cordoba. The circular dome’s interior was beautified with calligraphy of Surah Al-Maun and Al-Baqarah 261 as requested by the JNE founder, he said.


The inscription signing performed the by Governor Erzaldi was witnessed by the entire extended family of JNE founder and attended by the mosque worshipers. Furthermore, the event was closed by giving donations to the attending orphans from Pangakalan Baru District. Hopefully the existence of this mosque can also become a charity for the late Soeprapto Soeparno and continuously inspire us. These unique-architecture mosques imply that mosque is not merely a worshiping place but also a center of civilization.

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