Clean Water Aid for 7 Villages from JNE Karawang

11 October 2019

October 2019 - Long drought causes 7 villages in Karawang to drought and lack of clean water. The areas in Tegalwaru Subdistrict and Pangkalan Subdistrict are Bakan Haredong Village, Cirawa Village, Loji Village, Tegal Malang Village, Cirewok Village, Jati Laksana Village, and Bakan Ramiten Village. The seven villages are recommended by the Karawang City BPBP (Regional Disaster Management Agency) to be given assistance and have been given special attention as a drought affected area. After visiting all of them, JNE Karawang also provided assistance as much as 40,000 liters of clean water on 4/10 distributed directly to residents there.

Murah Lestari, Head of Regional of West Java said that the clean water dropping activity is one of the tangible forms of JNE to be able to continue to provide benefits not only for the company but for the community. "As a company that upholds spiritual values, we must be sensitive and concerned about the environment. JNE also lives and develops in the community, therefore we must also contribute to help those in need, "Tari said.

Andre Nurdjianto, Head of JNE Karawang Main Branch, added, "This social activity is also an effort to increase gratitude and enthusiasm to deliver happiness according to the tagline" Connecting Happiness "in employees". For Andre, by mingling with the surrounding community, one can see firsthand how villagers affected by drought can still be patient and continue to work hard to meet their daily needs. "This kind of hope is a spirit of ammunition for JNE's knights and heroines to continue connecting happiness in various ways," explained Andre.

In the process of distributing this water aid, the villagers waited by bringing their own equipment. They look so happy when they see a water tank truck coming. The touching scene was also seen when residents who were mostly middle-aged women, elderly people, and even children also carried clean water from the provided reservoirs.

 Adi, a resident of Tegal Malang, Tegalwaru District expressed his gratitude to JNE for the clean water assistance. "It's been a long time since the rice fields experienced a drought, we also had difficulty getting clean water and this drought prediction until the end of November 2019, we thank all those who helped, so that residents can use it for their daily needs", he said.

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