DANA and JNE Synergize to Support Indonesia's Digital Economy Acceleration

15 October 2019

Encouraging the improvement of competence and empowerment of economic actors of various scales and segments


Jakarta, October 15th , 2019 - FUNDS, Indonesia’s digital wallets, emphasize the reliability of the technology as a digital transaction infrastructure for every actor of economic activity in Indonesia. Today, DANA once again enriched its capabilities and announced a strategic partnership developed with a leading logistics service provider that has a wide range of services in Indonesia, JNE.

Vincent Iswara, CEO and co-founder of DANA, said that the partnership with JNE makes DANA a technology company that provides digital payment infrastructure, able to consistently bring increasingly diverse digital transaction experiences to the wider community. This is in line with the seriousness of FUND building public trust in the excellence and security of digital non-cash and non-card transactions, through features on DANA digital wallets whose capabilities continue to be developed.

"In addition to present a transaction process that is increasingly easy, practical, and guaranteed security, DANA's partnership with JNE as a logistics service provider with a wide range of services also opens opportunities to continue to increase our contribution in supporting the pace of national economic growth that is increasingly reliant on the digital economy, "Vincent said. "This collaboration also has high relevance when referring to our survey of the high use of digital wallets to support transactions on e-commerce platforms, and the existence of logistics as a critical link to support e-commerce services."

M. Feriadi, President Director of JNE, said, "JNE's collaboration with DANA has resulted in cashless payment facilities for all JNE loyal customers throughout the archipelago. The benefits and convenience that are presented with this payment system, will speed up the transaction process of package delivery and online buying and selling activities. It will encourage the development of e-commerce because it supports the business of businessmen, especially SMEs ".

Feriadi added that JNE, which acts as a pillar of Logistics in the e-commerce ecosystem, is committed to continue to innovate. Capability that continues to be improved, especially in the field of IT and infrastructure, allows JNE to support and cooperate with parties of two other pillars, namely Fintech and Online Platform.

In a survey conducted by DANA in May to July 2019 in four major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Yogyakarta, it was found that the majority of respondents had used a digital wallet and had shopped at e-commerce. From a survey of the use of digital wallets conducted on 757 respondents in the four cities, the largest number of digital wallet users were in Bandung (69.4%), followed by Jakarta (65.9%), Yogyakarta (63.8%), and Surabaya (37.5%). While from 1,046 respondents, the largest number of e-commerce service users were in Bandung (85.9%), followed by Jakarta (82.8%), Yogyakarta (81.3%), and Surabaya (76.9%).

According to Vincent, the electronic commerce or e-commerce sector is one of the main drivers of Indonesia's digital economy today. This sector is predicted to be able to become the main pillar of the strengthening of the national economy with an estimated transaction value of USD4.45 Trillion in 2021. However, the world of e-commerce itself still must face various challenges.

"Payment instruments to support transactions on e-commerce platforms are predominantly based on banking services. This is a challenge if you see the fact that there are still many Indonesian people who do not yet have access to banking services. Another challenge is logistics in connection with Indonesia's vast and archipelagos geographical conditions, "said Vincent.

"We present the DANA technology as one of the solutions that has a role in increasing Indonesia's financial literacy and inclusion, including helping people that have not been touched by banking services to become bankable. We hope that the collaboration of DANA and JNE can be an effective solution for digital economy players of various scales and segregations in responding to this challenge. "

Through the collaboration between DANA and JNE, DANA digital wallet will become one of the digital payment infrastructures that can be utilized by JNE customers or e-commerce customers - online stores and various marketplaces - who have partnered with JNE as a supporter of their expedition services. For MSME-scale creative entrepreneurs who have carried out independent marketing activities and are not affiliated with the marketplace, they can take advantage of this DANA and JNE synergy to improve their service quality and competence.

Based on the latest Ministry of Communication and Information data, from a total of 58 million MSMEs in Indonesia, there are about 14% of them who have joined e-commerce. DANA and JNE hope that the collaboration developed between the two parties can encourage more and more MSMEs in Indonesia that are Go Digital and are able to serve customers from a wider area, not limited to geographical location, thanks to the advantages presented by these two synergistic platforms.

JNE services payment transactions with digital funds DANA can be done easily and practically. JNE customers that make use of the DANA digital wallet will receive notifications to make payments for the shipping services they receive. Customers can choose to pay with a FUNDS Balance, or Debit Card and Credit Card stored in their DANA digital wallet.

With the Card Binding feature, DANA users can store Debit Cards and Credit Cards that have been verified by the issuing bank in their digital wallets. If the balance of funds is insufficient or even zero rupiah, users do not need to worry because they can use other sources of funds such as Debit Cards and Credit Cards that have been stored in the digital wallet application DANA.

"Transactions using Debit Cards and Credit Cards stored in DANA digital wallets are more practical because users do not have to bother doing top ups anymore, they are also more secure because users do not need to provide physical forms of Debit Cards and Credit Cards that actually have numbers that we must protect, such as the CVV number, "concluded Vincent.




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