Get Home as the Grandprize, this JNE employee has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

03 December 2021

2021 – November Imam Nurdiansyah and Ahmad Fauzi never anticipated that their small family would be able to live in a magnificent home. Serving as a JNE employee entails a lot of hard work, prayers, and hope.

The two JNE employees joyed at the culmination of the 31st JNE Anniversary celebration, which took place at The Ritz – Carlton Hotel Jakarta Pacific Place on November 28, 21. JNE's anniversary celebration of giving a house as a gift has been held since its anniversary in 2013 when it was 23 years old.

Likewise, Ahmad Fauzi, a JNE Soreang Branch employee who is currently 36 years old, did not anticipate being blessed with a house during his financial struggles. "Ua," the call of Ahmad's coworkers, who recognized him for being good, trustworthy, and hardworking, claimed that he didn't realize he had obtained a house because his smartphone had just been sold, since it was damaged and he hadn't bought a new one.

In his daily life, this father of two children began working for JNE as a delivery courier in 2012. He expressed his gratitude and stated that he did not expect to win the main prize at JNE's 31st Anniversary "I remember joking with colleagues before a birthday celebration that even though I couldn't watch the anniversary celebrations in Jakarta, I would win the house; I didn't expect my words to come true. Alhamdulillah, I'm overjoyed, overjoyed, and overjoyed. Thank you, JNE; my family and I will dwell in the house. " Thank you again, JNE; I wish you continued success and blessings, "Ahmad stated.

"As a company founded by the nation's children, namely the late. H Soeprapto Soeparno, JNE has spiritual values manifested in the habit of giving, caring, and loving, so as gratitude, JNE has given hundreds of gifts as a form of dedication to all JNE employees throughout Indonesia," said M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President Director of JNE.

In addition, when Indonesia was rocked by the monetary crisis in 1998, a message from JNE's Founding Father, Alm. H Soeprapto Soeparno, to constantly retain the friendship and create happiness to be realized. The year of major layoffs, yet he does not immediately lay off staff; instead, Pak Prapto, as he is known, delivers rice to all employees, which he continues to do to this day.

On this JNE anniversary, 35 children from four orphanages, including the Hindu Anatha Orphanage, Guna Nanda Orphanage, and Rasulullah SAW Orphanage Foundation, attended and performed a fashion show with various traditional costumes from all over Indonesia, and JNE continued to uphold the company's traditions. Providing remuneration to these youngsters allows us to continue to share.

The presence of the Blind Musical Group Koste Band added to the event, which was enlivened by the singer Happy Asmara, the GIGI Band, Ivan Gunawan, and hosted by MC Ronal Surapradja and Tike. This disabled street musician from the Street Music Institute is fighting the stereotype of being a blind person who can work as well as anybody else and who believes that constraints do not limit creativity. In addition to the Koste Band's performance, Kang Maman delivered a moving monologue to honour the Knights and Heroes who perished during the covid - 19 pandemic.

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