Harbokir 2017 in Commemorating The 27th JNE Anniversary Getting Viral

24 November 2017

November 2017 – Harbokir (Hari Bebas Ongkos Kirim/Free Delivery Day) in celebrating The 27th JNE Birthday as informed in a previous press conference on last Wednesday (22/11) and in line with the so called tagline “Connecting Happiness” is organized. The spirit that embodies the tagline has become a fundamental for JNE to give greater impact and inspired JNE to further develop its Harbokir mechanism.

The development JNE made for Harbokir this year is free intercity package delivery within Jabodetabek areas, which is another addition to an already existing free intercity package delivery from and to the same city in other 56 cities in Indonesia on November 26 and November 27, 2017. Furthermore, the maximum allowed package weight has now seen an upgrade to 2 kg per connote (previously only1 kg) without any package limitation in any cities covered by Harbokir 2017 program. For further and more detailed information, customers can directly visit the website at: www.jne.co.id.

Eri Palgunadi, The VP of JNE Marketing said “Harbokir 2017 which is valid for YES, REG, and OKE service is held in order to create and even merrier celebration of The JNE 27th Anniversary “Coloring Indonesia” this year. It is expected that all customers can experience greater happiness and joy during Harbokir.”

The number of delivery made by JNE on last Harbokir increased by 50% compared to that on regular days. But, Harbokir is part of JNE Anniversary celebration in which any particular target is irrelevant during the day of the program.

The JNE President Director, M. Feriadi also said that JNE Birthday moment is the perfect momentum to appreciate all the loyal customers, including SMEs in Indonesia. Harbokir has also been a real manifestation of JNE support towards SMEs and by doing so it is expected that it can encourage and trigger the growth and development of e-commerce domestically.

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