How Exciting Drawing together with Si Joni at Kandank Jurank Doank

27 September 2021

Collaborating with Kandank Jurank Doank Foundation, JNE held an event entitled ‘Drawing together with Si Joni’. This event was participated by approximately 100 children and in the related ocassion, JNE has also donated IDR 10 million for Chlidren Creativity School of Kandank Jurank Doank.

The natural school area of Kandank Jurank Doank, located at Avita Complex, Ciputat, South Tangerang, Sunday (26/9/2021), was colored with laughs and smiles of thousands of children aged starting from Kindergarten to Junior High School level. They gathered and made various creations by participating in drawing together with JNE mascot, Si Joni.

Si Joni did not only come to accompany the children drawing, but was also considered as a drawing object by the children from Kandank Jurank Doank creativity school and others, who regularly come to the event with their parents on Sundays to participate in various activities, such as drawing, singing, martial art practices like Karate, and others.

The event was directly hosted by the founder and owner of Kandank Jurank Doank, Raden Rizki Mulyawan Kertanegara or known as Dik Doank. “it is so exciting that Si Joni is willing to come here. I have taken some pictures with Si Joni, and now I have to draw Si Joni. This event is very exciting,” said Lintang, a child who has come to the event since morning and become the winner at the category of the longest one calling Si Joni’s name and won the prize.

Lintang together with others, who have been highly spiritful and enthusiastic drawing Si Joni, expressed their gratitude to JNE, for holding the event of drawing together at Kandank Jurank Doank, where almost on Sundays is visited by his family.

Meanwhile, Dik Doank, highly appreciated JNE that has helped revive Kandank Jurank Doank children creativity school. He said that this foundation was also badly influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“JNE is extraordinary. When other parties are badly influenced by the pandemic, JNE can double its goodness to help others. We have frequently made cooperation with JNE for goodness and humanity,” praised Dik Doank when meeting JNEWS in the middle of the event.

According to an artist and public figure whose name was popular in 90’s, Kandank Jurank Doank is a place for children to play and learn sharping their creativities, where each child from anywhere and various backgrounds  can come and join the activities without any payment.

“Together with JNE, I do not feel alone anymore taking care the children entrusted here. JNE’s steps can be inspiration and example for other companies. Children are the future generations who will soon replace us in the future,” he said.

“Childhood is time for playing, yet must be contained with creativities and practices to compete based on goodness values, such as a drawing competition together with Si Joni today,” Dik Doank asserted.

Representing JNE, the donation of IDR 10 million was symbolically handed by Novaldi Kristanto as JNE Section Head of Digital Media Communication and directly received by Dik Doank. It was expected that the donation can help reduce the operational costs and continuously maintain the existance Kandank Dik Doank, that during this time has given its awareness to children’s education and creativity as the nation’s future generations. *


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