Hundreds of Children Donate Their Works at the 27th JNE Anniversary Series of Events in Bandung

05 December 2017

Bandung, December 2017 - After the euphoria of JNE 27th anniversary celebration held at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, on Sunday 11/26, the JNE anniversary series of events were still conducted in several regions. In addition to providing free delivery services of HARBOKIR (Hari Bebas Ongkos Kirim) program for two days on November 26 and 27, 2017, JNE branches in various regions also made simple celebrations as a form of gratitude regarding to JNE achievements during a period of 27 years.

To enliven the 27th JNE anniversary celebration, a coloring competition @ (at) Box was held at Pajajaran Sports Center located on Jl. Pajajaran No. 37 Bandung (12/2) participated by more than 250 children aged from 4 to 10 years old. There was a cute baby shark dance performed by JNE icon JONI accompanied by all participants of the coloring competition. The works made by all participants of the coloring competition were sold as "Limited" @ Box and the money was donated to Ar- Rahman Foundation, Pasirjati Cijambe, Bandung.

A series of other activities were also conducted by JNE Bandung Main Branch, such as vehicle parade starting from Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 452 heading to Pajajaran Sports Center with a total participation of 40 JNE Ksatria joined in bike, trail and vespa communities to enliven Bandung streets with various fine decorated vehicles and were completely equipped with JNE attributes.

In addition to the coloring competition participated by hundreds of children and vehicle parade, various attractive performances were presented by more than 350 JNE Bandung employees who attended the event. Some performances were shown by the talented JNE Ksatria and Srikandi (Heroes and Heroines) at "JNE Bandung Got Talent" competition. The event got more lively due to the various performances presented by JNE Idol Bandung, acoustic music, bazaar, door prizes. One compulsory JNE tradition is sharing happiness with orphans made at the opening of the whole series of events given to 27 orphans of Rumah Zakat which number also symbolized JNE 27 years of age.

Iyus Rustandi, the Branch Manager of JNE Bandung as the event initiator, said that this event is a form of gratitude and spirit to share happiness to others at JNE 27th years of age. "An appreciation dedicated to all JNE Ksatria who had become JNE spearheads should also be celebrated in togetherness and colorful atmosphere", he said.

He also encouraged all JNE Ksatria and Srikandi to keep making their greatest works, highest achievements and the most important one is to work sincerely and solely for the sake of God blessings. "As a company considered as a part of the society throughout Indonesia, in celebrating happiness, we should not forget the sharing tradition to the orphans and needy that Good may always grant His Blessings not only to all JNE employees, but also to the surrounding environment," Iyus added.

M. Feriadi, JNE President Director, in his opening speech delivered at JNE Anniversary celebration held at Sentul International Convention Center last November 26, also said that in addition to giving appreciation to the customers through HARBOKIR program, JNE should also provide benefits to the surrounding communities, such as giving charity. There were more that 7,000 employees attended the event and they spontaneously collected money of more than 145 million rupiahs donated to several orphanages located in Sentul and the surrounding areas where JNE events were conducted.

For the branch employees who could not directly attend at the main event of JNE 27th anniversary celebration at Sentul International Convention Center, simple celebrations were conducted in West Java. JNE Banjar held social events, such as free health check up and blood donation. Meanwhile, JNE Cirebon conducted sports competitions, such as futsal, badminton, and gymnastics.

Hasmeliyani Suseno, JNE West Indonesia Deputy General Manager, also attended the 27th JNE Anniversary celebration in Bandung and appreciated various programs conducted by JNE Bandung for wider communities, such as seminars for the development of SMEs entitled "Be Creative Be Competitive" in 4 cities, Cikapayang Dago park revitalization, JLC Gathering in 4 cities, Focus Group Discussions at Curtain Centers, agent gathering, corporate gathering, and stand up comedy 88 Show with JNE to appreciate young generations’ creativities.

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