Improving SME’s Competitiveness with “JNE Ngajak Online 2019”

25 January 2019

January 2018  – The products generated by the people have their own selling points and great potentials for further development thanks to their specific uniqueness based on their place of origin throughout the archipelago. Upon noticing this fact, JNE aggressively organizes programs or events to empower the community, aiming at improving the quality of SMEs in many regions as either producers or marketers of the archipelago-specific products.

Education on the importance of digital account and sales strategy in this digital era should be continuously provided to entrepreneurs.  This year, JNE once again holds a program to fulfill SMEs’ potentials, namely “JNE Ngajak Online 2019” workshop or seminar discussing the theme “Product Packing & Digital Strategy” in 16 cities throughout the country. This program containing free training for entrepreneurs and SMEs is intended to allow the high quality products they generate to be marketed extensively through strategic steps using methods of attractive product packing and appearance to leverage their selling points higher.

On Thursday (24/1), JNE presents Natalie, a Digital Marketing practitioner, and Asep Junaidi, Head of Cooperative and MSE Office of Karawang Regency, as well as Siti Nurdianasari, Head of Entrepreneurship Quality Improvement Department for Micro Entreprise Empowerment Affairs, in “JNE Ngajak Online 2019” at RM. Sindang Reret, Karawang, West Java.

In front of 100 participants who are all entrepreneurs, Natalie explains the importance of product packing and appearance photoshooting in supporting the sales promotion. Natalie even suggests that many regions, including Karawang, have had competitive and high-quality products, yet many of these products still fail to make use of online selling strategy optimally.

It is equally important to understand how to distribute and deliver these products, both in their own cities and across Indonesia and even abroad. To enlighten these participants regarding package delivery strategy, another speaker is presented, i.e. Armi Muriko, JNE Karawang Branch Manager.

Armi Muriko asJNE Karawang Branch Manager said, “SMEs in Karawang have great potentials as can be seen from the huge number of region-specific, original, and competitive coproducts made by the people in this region to be marketed throughout the archipelago, and even abroad. For this reason, JNE is present and organizes this “JNE Ngajak Online 2019” program to inspire and enlighten the entrepreneurs in Karawang and around, in order for the businesses they are running to keep developing as their sales rate increases”.

In addition to in-depth insight on package distribution strategy and marketing in e-commerce, JNE also gives the participants an opportunity to directly register to be members of JNE Loyalty Card (JNE) at the event venue and they are immediately given 10 bonus points. JNE Ngajak Online 2019 gets even livelier as some interesting games and door prizes are given in this event.

The training is not the only event JNE organizes. It also holds “JNE Ngajak Ngirim, i.e. a free delivery program which is effective a day after the “JNE Ngajak Online is held. “JNE Ngajak Ngirim is applicable for regular services for same-city package delivery and delivery between cities within 1 province.  Especially in Karawang, JNE Ngajak Ngirim is held on 25 January 2019.

This free delivery program is held in 16 cities where the “JNE Ngajak Online” events are held, namely Lampung, Karawang, Cirebon, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Cilacap, Magelang, Madiun, Kediri, Mojokerto, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Jember, Kendari, Ternate, and Timika. Additionally, to maximize its support to local SMEs towards global market, JNE has also prepared JNE International shipment service which can distribute its customers’ packages to more than 250 main countries in all continents.

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