It's Time to Send Your Package for Free in Harbokir 2018 to Celebrate JNE’s 28th Anniversary

22 November 2018

November 2018 – Since its launch in 2016, Harbokir or Hari Bebas Ongkos Kirim (Free-Delivery Day) which is organized by JNE to celebrate its anniversary on 26 November has received a warm welcome from its user community. Every time it was organized annually, the number of packages delivered by JNE had increased up to hundreds of percent during the two consecutive days when Harbokir was organized compared to the normal days. This year, JNE organizes Harbokir once again, as its appreciation to its customers, beginning from 25 to 26 November 2018.

As in previous years, the free delivery in Harbokir this time applies to packages of a maximum weight of 2 kgs per receipt number delivered using JNE’s service products, namely OKE, REGULER, and YES. However, this Harbokir 2018 is more special since the free delivery applies not only to delivery from and to the same and between cities within the Greater Jakarta area, rather this time it applies also to those deliveries between cities in 1 province.

JNE’s President Director, M. Feriadi states that the programs intended to celebrate JNE’s 28th Anniversary should give more benefits for both its user communities and employees. Therefore, Harbokir 2018 has now been expanded to allow greater happiness for more people, particularly SMEs whose sales are expected to raise with this program.

“JNE has been developing along with the rapidly grown e-commerce which is promoted by SMEs. Now that the company can have a delivery capacity of more than 20 millions packages in a mount or approximately 700 hundreds packages per day, the spirit of “Connecting Happiness” tagline which means to deliver happiness, should be embodied as best as possible through Harbokir. We do wish that this Harbokir can be benefited by more people in general, particularly SMEs, to enable an increased number of their sales transactions which eventually will positively affect the state’s domestic economic growth”, Feriadi adds.

In this Harbokir 2018, JNE also collaborates with 2 (two) great marketplaces in Indonesia, namely: Tokopedia and Bukalapak. Through this promotion, the first 10 thousands of loyal customers each day who shop for a minimum transaction of Rp. 50,000.- will receive a free delivery at Rp. 10,000.-, only for deliveries between cities within the Greater Jakarta area.

Fajrin Rasyid as Co-Founder and President of Bukalapak says “It is Bukalapak’s wish that this Harbokir will give our customers a pleasant shopping experience. We also wish that all merchants throughout the country will be able to optimize this chance to make their products more accessible to the country’s people at a more affordable delivery cost. This is our joint contribution to the development of Indonesia by empowering SMSEs as the ones that keep Indonesia’s economic wheels rolling”.

Meanwhile, Melissa Siska Juminto, as Tokopedia COO, states "Tokopedia as a technology company with its leading marketplace in Indonesia is committed to constantly provide added values to its users together with its strategic partners, and one of them is JNE. In this Harbokir 2018, the collaboration between Tokopedia and JNE is expected to allow its users to fulfill their daily needs more efficiently”.

When launched for the first time in 2016, the number of JNE’s delivery during Harbokir for 2 days of its organization increased to 108% or 2 times greater than normal days. In 2017, the increase got even bigger, reaching to 3 times normal days, i.e. more than 200%. JNE expects that this increase in deliveries will be even greater this year. “The more packages delivered by JNE during Harbokir, the more SMEs and general customers would enjoy JNE’s anniversary”, closes Feriadi.

In addition to Harbokir, JNE is also ready to organize a spectacular event for all employees. Just as its anniversaries in previous years, JNE has also prepared many fantastic door prizes such as a house, cars, motorcycles, and many other interesting prizes for employees which will be distributed at the peak of JNE’s 28 Anniversary celebration event.

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