JLC members’ Great Opportunities to win the fantastic prizes from JLC Lucky Draw and JLC Race 2018

05 November 2018

October 2018 - JNE has been experiencing the continuously increasing package delivery up to consistently 30% each year since 2010. This growth encourages JNE to sustainably develop the company capability to handle its package delivery capacity now reaching an average of more than 19 million packages per month and continuously maximizes its service quality for the customers. JNE’s achievement is due to the trust of all loyal customers throughout the archipelago, that year end becomes a special moment for JNE to give appreciations to the costumers by holding JLC Race and JLC Lucky Draw program.

For JLC members, the opportunities to win prizes through JLC Lucky Draw 2018 are widely open. With only 10 points, JLC members are entitled to obtain 1 lottery coupon. The coupon exchange may be performed through the website by selecting the menu of prize catalog. The point exchanging period to participate in JLC Lucky Draw starts from  October 10 -  November 30, 2018. The lottery drawing process and winner announcement will be held in December 2018. 100 lucky members will be selected to win hundreds of the following attractive prizes:

  • 1 Tour Package to Korea for 2 people for the Grand Prize winner,
  • 2 units of Honda Vario 125 for 2 winners,
  • 3 units of Samsung Galaxy S9 for 3 winners,
  • 4 Tour Packages to Bali for 2 people for 4 winners,
  • 5 units of Fuji Mirror-less Camera,
  • 10 pieces of precious metal (gold), @10 grams
  • 75 Shopping Vouchers, @ IDR500,000, for 75 winners.

Not only through the point exchanging program, each member also gets the opportunities to win even greater prizes through JLC Race. Referring to the previous year, there will be 2 winner categories in JLC Race: winners based on the highest package delivery number and the highest transaction value, in which 5 (five) winners will be selected from each category.

This year-end event will get more attractive and greatly interesting since there will be two (2) additional winners determined not only from the national but also selected from the regional level for each category. The regions selected to hold this program are divided into 8 (eight) regions: Sumatra, Jakarta, Bodetabekcil (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Cilegon), West Java, Central Java & DIY, JTBNN (East Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara), Kalimantan, and Sulampapua (Sulawesi, Ambon, and Papua).

The period for calculating the number of package transactions and deliveries in this JLC Race will start on October 10 until December 31, 2018. The provided prizes are even more spectacular for each category at both Regional and National level.

At Regional Level, the JLC Race winners may have the following prizes:

  • 8 people from the Highest Transaction Value Category, each is entitled to have 1 unit of Honda Vario 125 CBS.
  • 8 people from the Highest Package Delivery Number Category, each is entitled to have 1 unit of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Meanwhile, the National Level winners with the Highest Transaction Value are entitled to have the following prizes:

• First winner will receive 1 unit of Toyota All New Rush,

• Second winner will receive 1 unit of Royal Enfield Motorbike,

• Third winner will receive New Zealand Tourism Package for 2 people,

• Fourth winner will receive 1 unit of Honda CBR, and

• Fifth winner will receive 1 piece of 25-grams precious metal (gold).

For National Level Winners with the Highest Package Delivery Number, JNE has provided them with the following prizes:

• First winner will receive 1 unit of Toyota All New Cayla,

• Second winner will receive 2 Tour Packages to Dubai and Turkey,

• Third winner will receive 1 unit of Honda PCX,

• Fourth winner will receive 1 unit of iPhone XS, and

• Fifth winner will receive 1 unit of Fuji Film Camera.

The winners will be announced and all prizes will be given at the annual grand event to appreciate all JLC members with JLC Award that this time will be held in January 2019.

Eri Palgunadi, JNE VP of Marketing said, "The spirit of Connecting Happiness which means to deliver happiness will be realized at the end of this year by holding of JLC Lucky Draw and JLC Race. Those programs will become the year-end special moments for JNE loyal customers who have also become the JLC members now reaching more than 100 thousand members throughout the archipelago since spectacular prizes are especially provided for the lucky members".

For JNE loyal customers who have not joined the JLC members, they may register their names to obtain various benefits from each package delivery activity through JNE, including the opportunities to become the winners of JLC Lucky Draw and JLC Race which are annually held. It is very easy and free of charge. Just visit the website to complete the applicable requirements. JNE also asks all JLC members to always be careful to any form of fraud using the name of JLC Lucky Draw or JLC Race. For the official information related to JLC Lucky Draw and JLC Race 2018, you may contact us through e-mail: or JLC call centers on 021 - 2939 2700. All JLC members throughout Indonesia may participate in these lottery drawing prizes, but the JNE employees.

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