JNE Agency Partners committed to Strengthen Network in Yogyakarta

26 February 2019

January, 2017 - The addition of a network is an essential step in boosting the company's capability in handling the increasing number of delivery services each year.

In this case, JNE opens opportunities with the cooperation of the community in the form of partnership, in order to support the express shipping industry which has a direct impact on the national economy.

The existence of partners as a sales counter, in major cities to the county and up to the level of district, increasingly facilitate customers in reaching out to the point of JNE service delivery to sent packages.

Appreciation of the performance of the JNE partners became a point of service has become a priority, so that the JNE regularly conducts events for the partners each year.

On Sunday, 29th January, JNE Yogyakarta hosted the 13th JNE's Agent Gathering at Harper Hotel Mangkubumi.

The event themed "The Empowering Network for Excellent Service" was attended by President Director of JNE, M. Feriadi and also 156 owners or JNE's agent as well as the employees from Yogyakarta.

It has become a tradition of JNE doing a charity for orphaned children and at this event; JNE also invited 20 kids from the Muhammadiyah Prambanan Orphaned Foundation.

In his speech, M. Feriadi says that the entire personnel in JNE head office, branch offices and partners, must work together to provide excellent service to customers so that the needs of package delivery in the digital age can be properly fulfilled. He also said that the JNE would prioritize and involves partners in terms of development of the network in the future. "I appealed to the regional offices in order to provide full support for partners, both in the educational or technical delivery system."

In the occasion M. Feriadi symbolically gave a new identity to the uniform of employee partners of JNE Yogyakarta. In the year 2017 either partners or branch offices throughout Indonesia JNE use the same attribute. According to M. Feriadi this is one form of standardisation of JNE throughout Indonesia, so that customers know that there is no difference in the service of JNE wherever delivery packages applies.

Adi Subagyo, Branch Manager JNE Yogyakarta conveys that in accordance with the theme of the event, he wanted to strengthen the network of JNE Yogyakarta to face competition in the year 2017. "In addition to continuing to strengthen the synergy between the partners and the JNE, the purpose of holding agent gathering, of course, to increase the competitiveness of each of the partners themselves. Therefore JNE involves internal department of JNE Yogyakarta team Sales, Accounting, Human Capital and Operational to present on a wide variety of strategies, delivery systems, as well as matters relating to the partnership, and tax awareness.

Marsudi, Head of the Central Java Regional adds, with the presence of this kind of gathering of branches with a partner opens a direct interaction, so that partners acquire the latest information and know the business plan of JNE in 2017. Marsudi hoping either partners or branch has the same vision and mission in running business process from upstream to downstream. "Despite 26 years of age, JNE core value should always be the guidelines of every Knights of the JNE, namely Honest, Discipline, Responsibility and Visionary for creating excellent service.“Not only serving but deliver more than expected ", said Marsudi.

As another form of appreciation, JNE gives rewards in the form of several awards nominations for partners as well as employees which are Best Sales Agents, Best Counter Standardisation and Best Agent officer. Best Sales Agents seized by Vibro Mandiri Agents whereas Best Standardization Agents achieved by JNE Wates and officer from the Al Munnawir Agent became the Best Sales Employee Counter. More festive events occurred in a session of door prize which presents abundantly to participants from which of work equipment, supporting quality of service at the point of service partners, electronic tools and so on.


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