JNE and Governor of North Sumatra inaugurate Plaza UMKM and Community Development of North Sumatra

18 August 2021

Medan-August, Plaza UMKM and Community Development of North Sumatra, which is at Jl. Veterans Market VII Gg Telo No. 1 Medan Deli District, inaugurated on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, which was held virtually via zoom. The event took place solemnly, followed by a grand celebration of independence on the 76th Anniversary of Indonesia, which was attended by all JNE Medan employees, both representative offices, branches and JNE agents in North Sumatra.

Plaza MSMEs and Community Development North Sumatra are digital showcase platforms that are a means of MSME entrepreneurial activities in North Sumatra for offline buying and selling and integrated online. It was opened with remarks from Mr. Mohamad Feriadi Soeprapto, as the President Director of JNE. On this occasion also attended by Mr. Edy Rahmayadi as Governor of North Sumatra, Mrs. Edwina Yudianti as Regional Head of North Sumatra JNE, Mrs. Ujia Sianturi as Chair of the North Sumatran MSME Association who became a Program Partner, Mr. Irfan Khoir as Chair of the Learning Development and Quality Assurance Institute (LP3M) , and Mr. Sobirin Harahap as DPD Committee for United Indonesia Micro Small Medium Enterprises ( KOPITU ) Medan City.

In his remarks, Edy Rahmayadi said that the North Sumatra provincial government appreciated every MSME ecosystem idea from capacity building, management, production, to offline and digital marketing which was pioneered by the North Sumatran MSME Association, JNE Medan, and all parties who took part in the establishment of Plaza MSME and This Community Development. The same thing was conveyed by Mr. Sobirin Harahap in his speech inviting all the people of North Sumatra to take part in implementing activities at Plaza MSMEs in North Sumatra, “Hopefully the existence of Plaza MSMEs and Community Development can have a big impact on business actors to market their products, as well as the community, can easily get the superior MSME products they want,” he said.

Mohammad Feriadi as the President Director of JNE in his speech, said that right on this Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, things must be filled with useful things in JNE as one driver of the nation’s economy. What has been done by JNE Medan, with JNE Medan’s participation in forming Plaza MSMEs and Community Development, it is hoped that it can bring benefits to the wider community, especially for MSME actors. The same thing was also conveyed by Edwina Yudianti as the Regional Head of Northern Sumatra. “At this moment of independence day, the Knights and Heroes of JNE must unite to benefit the community mutually, in accordance with the JNE Connecting Happiness tagline,” he said.

North Sumatra’s MSME actors basically have a spectacular program “One Village, One Product” (OVOP), therefore each region must have superior product specifications and can be accepted by the market, but to market products, of course, a strong and sustainable partnership is needed. Therefore, Ujia Sianturi as Chair of the North Sumatran MSME Association conveyed her high appreciation as the helmsman of MSME entrepreneurs in the North Sumatra region. “I hope that on the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, we will continue to maintain good relations in this partnership. The North Sumatran MSME Association and JNE must show the impact of Indonesian Independence as a milestone in the revival of MSMEs during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Thank you to JNE and all participants,” he concluded.

Fikri Alhaq Fachryana as the Head of the JNE Medan Branch in his speech said that the inauguration of the MSME and Community Development Plaza was held right at the moment of the Independence day of the Republic of Indonesia. JNE not only wants to create a sense of nationalism in employees, but JNE also wants to instill in all its employees that the tagline “Connecting Happiness” is real as one of the driving forces of the nation’s economy, especially during the current pandemic.

The marketing management of MSME products at Plaza MSMEs will later be provided with offline and online displays, it will be equipped with a warehouse management system, fulfillment facilities and online marketing platforms. For community development, mentoring and training facilities will be provided with the materials needed by MSMEs to develop their business. JNE collaborated with various parties to establish this North Sumatra UMKM and Community Development Plaza such as FORDA UKM, KOPITU Medan, IPEMI Medan, North Sumatra Sharia UMKM Cooperatives and FORBIS (Muslim Entrepreneurial Business Forum), Consultant Partners namely AMA (Indonesian Management Association) Medan, Wilmar Business Institute, Medan Area University, LP3i, LP3M Superior Polytechnic, FoSSEI (Islamic Economic Study Forum) Sumbagut, SMES Konsulindo, Trend Development Center, Indonesian Zakat Initiative, and Tribun Medan and Alert as Media Partners.

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