JNE and Kodam IV/Diponegoro Held Vaccination for Semarang People

22 September 2021

Semarang, September 2021 - JNE Semarang main branch held the first dosage vaccination for the surrounding people and JNE employees. The vaccination was held at JNE Semarang main branch office, Jalan Kumudasmoro Tengah No 5, Semarang in joint collaboration with the Regional Military Command known as Kodam IV/Diponegoro. The vaccination participants coming to the site must obey health protocols when standing in line to obtain the related services.

Until September 2021, it was recorded that more than 21,000 JNE employees have been vaccinated. These free vaccination programs are not only held by JNE headquarter, but also some other branches in Bogor, Depok, Kupang, Jambi, Padang, Jayapura, Solo, Yogyakarta, and Bandung in collaboration with various parties. JNE Semarang main branch head, Wahyu Sangerti Alam said, the quota provided for vaccination reached 700 people. "Not only JNE employees, the surrounding people also joined this event. In facts, most vaccination participants are the surrounding people,” said Wahyu.

Furthermore, this vaccination has become one of JNE’s programs to support the government’s vaccination movement. "All JNE employees are highly recommended to participate in the vaccination programs. Since dealing with services and always making interactions with people, JNE is expected to provide the best services," he said.

Wahyu further explained, the registration was open from 22 September and informed through JNE official social media. "People have made their registrations through the link shared via social media. People are greatly enthusiastic in welcoming these vaccination programs due to the easy registration system,” he said.

Wahyu greatly expected that the second-dosage vaccination events were also held at JNE Semarang main branch office. "One of our objectives is that people living in Semarang even considered as not the local residents still can get the vaccination, so that the vaccination target in Semarang can be evenly distributed’ he said. We do hope that this joint collaboration can be continuously held with the Indonesian National Forces (TNI), and the second dosage vaccination programs can also be held,” he said.

In separated place, Sarwo as the Kodam IV head of Health Safety Affairs (known as Kaur PAM) also mentioned that these vaccination programs were held as one of collaboration forms with companies to accelerate the vaccination target, especially in Semarang areas. “Sarwo expected that these vaccination programs in various points will facilitate people’s access to be vaccinated” he said. He also expected that JNE initiative holding vaccination can be followed by the other companies since vaccination has recently become one of administration requirements.

Some participants joining the vaccination at JNE Semarang main branch office, acknowledged that they were greatly assisted with the related event. One of them is Tia, resident from Pucanggading, Demak. This 25-year-old woman said that the event has actually been long waited. "This event is greatly meaningful, since many people have not been vaccinated just like me," said Tia.

She further explained that there were many places holding vaccination program, yet it is different with that held at JNE Semarang main branch office. "The vaccination service is very fast, not more than 10 minutes, sitting instead of standing when waiting for turn, convenience waiting room equipped with air cooling facilities, and the service is excellent very helpful for people," she said.

Meanwhile, Romlah (62), a resident from Kumudasmoro living around the JNE Semarang main branch office looked very happy when participating in the vaccination program. This was because she was unable to participate in the previous vaccination programs due to age and blood pressure problems when medically checked before vaccination. “Finally, I can be vaccinated here, I feel so happy and of course, the surrounding people are greatly assisted with this vaccination program. I do hope that similar programs can be continuously held,” she added.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 until now, JNE has allocated more than IDR 13 billion for handling the outbreak of Covid-19 and others. By performing CSR program to help the joint handling between government and private parties, some collaborations are made, such as distributing 10 thousand face masks to 25 referred hospitals for Covid-19 patients throughout the cities in Indonesia, sending more than 25 million PPEs to all hospitals, and distributing hundreds of tons of other Covid-19 Assistances to more than 1,200 health Facilities and 1135 institutions and individuals throughout Indonesia

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