JNE and Traveloka are in cooperation to present the best programs for the costumers

04 June 2018

May, 2018 – in this recently disruptive era, with the continuously developing digital technology, each company is greatly required to make various innovations and collaborations that the company may continuously develop in the middle of more complex challenges.

Those strategies have been implemented by JNE, as one express delivery and logistic company which has been established and trusted by its employees for more than 27 years through its various service products. After collaborating with some reputable e-commerce and marketplaces in Indonesia, this time JNE is in cooperation with one online booking platform for the future travelling and life styles in Southeast Asia, TRAVELOKA.

Due to the recently belonging capacity, JNE has been ready to hold various interesting programs with Traveloka. This initial cooperation is inaugurated through the MoU signing ceremony made at JNE Headquarter office on June 4, 2018. The signing is made by Eri Palgunadi, as JNE VP of Marketing and Kurnia Rosyada, as Traveloka VP of Marketing.

As the initial cooperation made, JNE together with Traveloka will participate in enlivening the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 through the promotion of “Traveloka Point Party”. In this program, Traveloka users may easily obtain the exclusive merchandises of FIFA World Cup 2018 by exchanging Traveloka points. Those various merchandises will be delivered by JNE since officially appointed as the Traveloka logistic partner to deliver various merchandises of World Cup 2018.

Eri Palgunadi, JNE VP of Marketing stated, ”Making cooperation with Traveloka may become one JNE strategic effort to realize its spirit of Connecting Happiness. Various programs which may present happiness and benefits for both company costumers and the society in general, may be well realized and become one JNE innovation to improve its service quality.”

Meanwhile, Kurnia Rosyada, as Traveloka VP of Marketing explained, “We always put our focus on providing the best products and services for Traveloka users as the cooperation between JNE and Traveloka is expected to create various programs in providing more added values for Traveloka loyal users which number continuously increases and varies that more exciting togetherness moments may be enjoyed.”

However, this cooperation doesn’t stop only in one program. In the future, more programs may be conducted by the collaboration of both parties. Numerous programs with various benefits will be held for Traveloka users joined in JLC members, such as direct point bonuses when making registrations and others. For JLC members, the obtained points may be exchanged with the Traveloka e-vouchers.

JNE has also been ready to fulfill the delivery needs of various package types, sizes, and number when travelling is made. When travelers are in the middle of their trip and need to deliver packages with the minimum weight of 10 kg, JNE may facilitate its costumers with JNE trucking (JTR). JNE also provides Pesona (Pesanan Oleh-Oleh Nusantara) that travelers may easily order various typical food products frequently taken as souvenirs, yet unnecessary to always be carried during the trip home. 

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