JNE and WMS Exclusively Cooperate due to the Increasing Number of Package Deliveries Using Bicycles

01 February 2019

January 2019 - A form of commitment as a national express package delivery service company to continuously strive in providing the best service, JNE has cooperated with WMS (West Bike Messenger), to present the bicycle courier services since 2016. This is considered as a solution to cope with the urban traffic density, odd-even policy, and bans for cars and motorbikes to cross certain regions.

After 2 (two) years cooperating with WMS using bicycles as one of its transportation modes, JNE’s package delivery has continuously increased. The number of packages delivered by JNE-WMS couriers in 2018 has increased by more than 40% when compared to the previous year. From around 450 thousand packages during 2017, the increase up to a total of more than 1 million packages in 2018.

In fact, due to the increasing number of package deliveries and the increasing density of urban conditions, starting in 2017, JNE - WMS has continuously expanded its operational areas. Now, JNE - WMS has also been operating in Bandung, Surabaya, Lampung, and Medan with the increasing number of couriers when compared to the previous years, as many as 75 cyclists.

Therefore, JNE and WMS have once again extended their cooperation this year, in the form of exclusive cooperation. The signing ceremony between JNE and WMS, as their third time cooperation was held at the JNE Ballrom Headquarter, 7th Floor, Jalan Tomang Raya no 11, West Jakarta on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 starting at 11 a.m. of Indonesia Western Standard Time.

In his speech, M. Feriadi, as JNE President Director, said that JNE’s cooperation with WMS has provided many benefits. In this digital era, the express delivery service companies are required to be able to distribute the packages faster and faster. By the increasing performance in term of delivery times, it also has a great impact to accelerate the economic growth.

"Some urban areas have high-valued economic activities, and even highly influence the national economy. Therefore, strategies to deliver the customers’ packages to these areas with excellent service should be continuously made, while the challenges which slow down the distribution process should be well overcome, "Feriadi said.

The next great benefit due to this JNE-WMS cooperation is related to the availability of new job vacancies. "In Jakarta, now, the number of JNE - WMS courier personnel is only 45 people. In 2019, the plan said that the number of JNE - WMS courier personnel will be added up to around 50-60 people. This is one job opportunity for the community, even for those with disabilities, "he said.

In addition, the use of bicycles as one of transportation modes to deliver the customers’ packages is a form of JNE's participation related to the environmental awareness campaign. Through this strategy, JNE always wants to participate and share with various parties in its concrete actions to reduce the air pollution because bicycle is considered as one transportation mode with zero emission.

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