JNE ‘Balarea’ SMEs Festival Encourages SMEs Creating Business Opportunities

04 April 2019

April - Bandung, Creative industries are projected to be the main pillar of Indonesia's exports in the future amid the rapid development of the digital economy. At the same time, the logistics industry also grew positively because the transfer of goods from producers to end consumers requires efficient and timely logistics.

This encourages JNE to continue to support SMEs as creative industry players to be able to continue to improve their abilities and creativity so they can create business opportunities, even compete globally, and host their own countries. Various SME development programs are actively carried out in Bandung. After successfully holding 15 seminars and UKM training by presenting inspirational speakers, JNE Bandung has invited more than 1500 SMEs to obtain information, motivation and training for SMEs in 19 Bandung Cities and Regencies.

This time JNE Bandung collaborated with UKM to present JNE SME Festival 'BALAREA' (Bandung Lautan Kreatif) 2019 for the first time with the theme "Urang Bandung Creative Festival, to Encourage SMEs to Create Business Opportunities in the 4.0 Era". The press conference about this event was held at Moxy Hotel Bandung (4/4/2019) by presenting speakers, the Chairman of the West Java HIPMI Jodi Janitra, and a creative industry as well as fashion entrepreneur Dhatu Rembulan, and Deputy Director of e - Commerce & Partnership, Mayland Hendar Prasetyo. The three speakers invited Bandung residents to attend the JNE SMEs Festival which will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Cihampelas Walk, Jl Cihampelas No. 160, there are various interesting activities, such as interactive talk shows, SMEs bazaars, photo contests, games and door prizes, double point JLC ​​promos, free shipping booths for the Bandung Municipality and Cimahi districts for a maximum 1 kg shipment.

Mayland, who also represents the central JNE management, also explained that since its inception in running its business, JNE supported the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector to be released at the national level. In August last year, he continued, JNE collaborated with one of the marketplace to select 10 MSMEs to be fostered to be able to advance at national and international levels. "The key is the user. So far, goods sold online are around 7% -10% of goods sold by their own products, while 90% are foreign products," he explained.

In addition, various other SME development programs are carried out throughout Indonesia. Nationally, JNE holds a roadshow for developing JNE SMEs Ngajak Online, which is carried out up to Timika. Continued its improvement in all service sectors such as network expansion, improvement in the field of IT, Infrastructure and HR continues to be developed to encourage the development of creative actors and SMEs in the middle of the fourth generation industrial revolution or industry 4.0. In the future, the global economy will increasingly depend on the creative economy sector. At the same time, the global community's reliance on information technology in daily activities has triggered exponential growth into the creative economy. With the demographic advantages of 250 million people, Indonesia's creative economy can become one of the leading foreign markets. So far, signs of the strength of the national creative economy have begun to appear. Data from the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) has recorded the exports of Indonesia's creative economy products in 2016 increased by 3.23% to US $ 20 billion compared to the realisation in 2015.

Iyus Rustandi as JNE Bandung Branch Manager conveyed, "As JNE's real step in realizing the Connecting Happiness tagline, and to help encourage SMEs to answer the challenges and create business opportunities, JNE held the SMEs Balerea Festival 2019. This activity was also the highlight of the program implemented by JNE Bandung to convey a message about the importance of encouraging digital economics among millennials. The goal is that they will be more observant in seeing opportunities because they are supported by all sectors, namely Government, Association, SMEs Community, and of course an efficient and timely logistics system ".

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