JNE Bandung Courier Megy Ginanjar Awarded as Transportation Hero

11 October 2022

September, 2022 – In celebration of the National Day of Transportation 2022, one of the Ksatria JNE Megy Ginanjar was awarded as the transportation hero by the Indonesian Television Journalist Association (ITJI) Bandung and the Department of Transportation (DISHUB) of West Java on 24 September 2022.  


This award was directly granted by the Head of Department of Transportation of West Java, IR. A Koswara and Chairman of ITJI of West Java, Iqwan Sabba Romli. Besides Ksatria JNE, there were also DAMRI Community, and Edan Sepur Community, who were also granted the same award, for their service in support of transportation in West Java, especially in Bandung that all levels of the community can enjoy it safely and comfortably. 


The figure of Megy Ginanjar became an inspiration for other Ksatria and Srikandi JNE. His high achievement and dedication to the company had Megy chosen to represent JNE to receive the Transportation Hero award. This Bandung guy has been working for 9 years in JNE Bandung. Doing his job, his biggest motivation was his family, and in each step that he took in working, whatever the challenge might be he kept his intent to make his family happy in fulfilling their needs.  


With his hard work and consistence, this friendly figure became an inspiration for his co-couriers. With his performance and effort to keep excellent service for customers, this guy who loved touring and traveling acknowledged he had never found any heavy difficulty or 

challenge since he assumed anything would be easy when we have faith in aiming for blessings in each step of life. 


“Delivering many goods and meeting many characters are nothing but a challenge. Since any job will have its own challenges, it depends on how we take our assigned responsibilities, aiming only for blessing, and everything will be easy”, said this 33-year-old man. 


Iyus Rustandi, Head of JNE Bandung Branch appreciated the event initiated by ITJI and DISHUB JABAR that it was in line with JNE’s tagline of Connecting Happiness, “Thank you for the award granted by ITJI JABAR and DISHUB JABAR to one of our Ksatria JNE. As a national logistic company, JNE will be committed to keeping giving the best service for all customers”.  


Moreover, Iyus said, “With professional human resources plus various community service programs, the delivery process can be made use of and helped, moreover in the current digital era business players are encouraged to keep productive and be more actively making their sales online. Plus the e-commerce and socio-commerce growth, the number of activities is predicted to keep increasing”, said Iyus.  


“Therefore, all Ksatria and Srikandi JNE Bandung must keep applying the whole delivery procedures maximally using information and technology, in order to satisfy customers’ ever-developing needs,” concluded Iyus.  

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