JNE Board of Directors is Awarded “Satya Lencana” on the 73rd Post and Telecommunication Service Day

28 September 2018

September 2018 – the Commemoration of Post and Telecommunication Service Day 2018 is entitled "Digital Economy for the Welfare of the Nation". The Directorat General Manager of Post and Informatics, Ahmad M. Ramli, has granted Satya Lencana Pembangunan and Wira Karya awards to 35 Post and Communication officials at the Headquarter front yard of PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) on Jl. Cilaki No. 73, Bandung (09/27/2018).

JNE President Director, M. Feriadi was one of those granted with Satya Lancana Pembangunan award and he has also previously received a mark of honor “Satya lancana Wira Karya in 2010. In addition, JNE Director, Hui Chandra Fireta, has also awarded a mark of honor “Satya lancana Wira Karya”.

The awards granted to both JNE Directors are due to their extraordinary dedication that JNE has been nationally successful in building the physical and virtual network, as well as to become the backbone and the main choice for Indonesian e-commerce actors. JNE is also considered having the capacity to continuously mentor and initiate various activities to encourage Indonesian SMEs to take part in e-commerce era, both in domestic and international markets. In addition, JNE is also known actively and systematically has a great awareness to orphans and improve the employment.


JNE President Director, M. Feriadi said, "It is a pride for us to receive such an extraordinary appreciation, especially from the government. We present this award to more than 40 thousand JNE employees throughout the archipelago who continuously realize the spirit of 'Connecting Happiness' which means delivering happiness, not only to send the trusted customers’ packages, but also those supporting the mutual development at any field up to their daily lives.

JNE as an express and logistic delivery service company which has been almost 28 years serving the loyal customers continuously improves the important sectors’ capabilities. In conducting innovation and development, JNE continuously strives to involve wider communities that the ecosystem is formed to result in various collaborations in providing numerous benefits. For its real contributions for the mutual development, JNE is also considered as a company which is present among the society and provides assistances to improve people’s economy with various SME development programs, especially in this Digital Era.

Feriadi, who is also the General Leader of Indonesian Express, Post and Logistic Delivery Service Company Association (in Indonesia known as ASPERINDO), further explained that the various presented programs and innovations were intended to provide various benefits for many people, such as the training programs and SME empowerments in remote areas, will be continuously performed. "furthermore, the addition of service points which may open the partnership opportunities with various communities that the loyal customers may easily reach the JNE service points will also be continuously made", he said.

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