JNE Breaking a MURI record after Conducting CSR and Harbokir in its 29th Anniversary Celebration

02 December 2019

November 2019 – The peak event of JNE’s 29th Anniversary celebration became more special when compared to that in the previous years since open for public during CFD (Car Free Day) held at Jl. Tomang Raya, West Jakarta where the JNE headquarter is located. JNE has also broken a MURI record in its event entitled “29 Tahun Bersama Indonesia [29 Years Togetherness with Indonesia]” on Sunday, 1 December at 6 a.m. – 12 p.m. of Western Indonesian Time Zone, a record on the most outnumbered Liwetan Sharing [Pembagian Liwetan Terbanyak].

More than 300 meters long of liwet [rice served with vegetables and side dishes for eating together] might be enjoyed by thousands of people, starting from the Board of Directors, Top Management, and employees until the orphans and other common people coming to the event. Besides, there were 29 booths containing various culinary foods served in 12 thousand portions specially prepared for everyone attending the event for free.

Many attractive entertainments were also performed by many famous artists. The main stage located at JNE Office on Jl. Tomang Raya No. 9 was led by two famous hosts: Gilang Dirga and Tatha Yank, presenting the best performance of Cita Citata. Meanwhile, in the second stage, at JNE office on Jl. Tomang 45, Arindi Putry and Jiung were also performing.

The event became more attractive since JNE also held a Tomang Parade presenting various arts from various regions throughout Indonesia. Those who attended the event also enjoyed various costume shows and typical dances accompanied by the played traditional Music instruments, such as Ondel – Ondel, Reog Ponorogo, Tabuhan Nusantara typically from Papua, and many more.

The JNE president director, M. Feriadi, said, “JNE annually wants to celebrate its anniversary’s peak event held on 26 November as something special and gives various benefits for its employees and wider communities. In its 29th anniversary, JNE expected that the theme introduced and the MURI record breaking held at the road in front of the JNE headquarter office that JNE  was open to public has a deeper meaning”.

Feriadi also stated that for dozens of years after the establishment of JNE, it was not only dealing with businesses but also various matters directly touching the diverse communities from Sabang to Merauke, from Talaud to Miangas. “The theme introduced ‘29 Years Togetherness with Indonesia’ was a form of gratitude expressed by JNE for its capability and capacity to provide benefits for our beloved country through various business strategies, programs, and events”, he added.

Accordingly, the MURI Record Breaking with the most outnumbered Liwetan sharing was also considered as a form of special moments for everyone, namely eating together with families, relatives, and friends. “Let’s sit and eat together at the “main house”, JNE headquarter office, at Jl. Tomang Raya. Through Unity, Togetherness, and Familial Relationship, we believe that we are able to continuously provide more benefits to the costumers, country, and state with our best working performance and other things”.

Like the previous years, JNE also shared hundreds of door prizes and grand prizes to all JNE employees. Those prizes were in the forms of electronic devices, clothes, and accessories as well as other interesting stuffs shared through the drawings held on 25 November 2019. In addition, at the peak event of JNE’s 29th anniversary, the grand prizes in the forms of 30 motorcycle units motor and 2 house units were provided for those lucky employees.

Approaching to its anniversary, JNE has also held various programs and activities since 24 November. The series of event started by building 29 toilets in several areas in need in West Jakarta or around JNE headquarter office. Shopping together with orphans was also held and participated by hundreds of children from 29 orphanages in Jakarta and the surrounding areas.

In the following day, on 25 November, Al-Quran Recitation was also conducted after visiting together the graves of JNE founders: the late Soeprapto Suparno and Soelasmo Suparno, participated by the JNE headquarter office’s employees. Furthermore, for 2 days starting from 26 to 27 November 2019, Free Delivery Service Day, known as Harbokir or Hari Bebas Ongkos Kirim, was held and provided for all JNE loyal customers throughout Indonesia.

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