JNE COSMO FC Ready to Compete in the Highest Indonesian Futsal League's in 2021/2022

07 December 2021

December 20, 2021 - JNE, which will be 31 years on November 26, 2021, remains committed to providing the greatest benefit to the community. JNE consistently contributes in various social fields, such as health, education, sports, and others, in addition to focusing on business development and innovation. In the field of sports, one example of this contribution is the establishment of the Cosmo JNE Futsal Club, of which JNE is the primary sponsor.

The Cosmo JNE Futsal Club was inaugurated on Tuesday (7/12/2021) at CGV Sports Hall FX Sudirman Jakarta. This occasion was marked by the unveiling of the new Cosmo JNE Futsal Club logo and the signing of the jersey by M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President Director of JNE, and Akbar Pera Baharudin, Personal Adjutant. JNE's VP of Marketing, Eri Palgunadi, and Cosmo FC Manager, Hansen Tjubianto, were also in attendance. This JNE support is motivated by a desire to see football and futsal develop and progress in Indonesia.

M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President Director of JNE, stated that JNE intends to continue assisting the nation's children. One of them is football, particularly futsal, which is a popular sport in Indonesia. "Of course, as a native Indonesian company, JNE will continue to support the progress of the nation's children, both SMEs, sports, education, and the economy following the tagline "Connecting Happiness," which is to provide the best service and the broadest benefits to the entire community."

As the owner of Cosmo JNE FC, Akbar Pera Baharudin or Personal Adjutant stated that JNE is the primary sponsor for the 2021/2022 competition season. "With maximum support from JNE as Indonesia's largest logistics company, the hope is to give the best results in every match and become the Professional Futsal League champion in the 2021/2022 season," he said.

JNE has expressed its support for the Cosmo FC Futsal Team, which will compete in the Professional Futsal League for the 2021-2022 season. Cosmo FC and JNE also agreed to present a new logo and name this season to become Cosmo JNE FC, which will serve as a symbol of mutual victory, bringing positive energy to every match.

Cosmo JNE FC, also known as the Yellow Sub, is dominated by players who graduated from the U20 National Team, which finished second in the U20 Asian Cup in Iran. With the start of this collaboration, Cosmo JNE FC, based in Jakarta, is ready to enter the Professional Futsal League for the 2021/2022 season, which will be attended by 12 of Indonesia's best teams and will run from January 8 to August 21, 2022, as determined by the Indonesian Futsal Federation.

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