JNE Dispatches Umrah Prize Winners in Content Competition and Employees

11 October 2022

September 2022 – JNE is committed to sharing happiness with all Indonesians in line with its regular tagline “Connecting Happiness”. Restrained for two years due to the pandemic, the company can finally dispatch Ksatria - Srikandi JNE (Employees) the third group from 22 – 30 September 2022, also the winners of the JNE Content Competition, winner of giveaway JNE and Ria Ricis, and courier of West Bike Messenger (WMS) bike.


Umrah and hajj in the Holy Lands Mecca and Medina are the goals of each Muslim throughout the world. Performing them requires physical strength, mental strength and sufficient funds. Thus, many pilgrims are moved when they arrive in the Holy Land, especially before Kaaba when their long dream to go umrah comes into reality. 


M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President Director of JNE said, “Dispatching every individual on umrah is a special moment and an appreciation from JNE, and we also feel the happiness that Ksatria and Srikandi JNE feel”.  “After two years of delay, the winners of contests and employees can finally be dispatched to the holy land. “We perform this activity as mandated by our Father, the founder of JNE (Alm) H. Soeprapto Soeparno, who initiated the idea of free umrah for JNE employees who had served the company for over 12 years,” said Feri.    


The 35 Ksatria and Srikandi JNE were from various JNE branches such as Jakarta, Denpasar, Palembang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Medan, and Cilegon. In addition, there were 3 winners of the JNE Content Competition, 1 person from West Bike Messenger and 1 winner of JNEXRiaricis contest who were of the third group of umrah organized by JNE. They looked seriously and enthusiastically participated in the whole series of umrah activities under the guidance of Ustadz Aqil Muzakki. 


“The condition of Mecca City was quite extraordinarily beautiful, that I am touched. It’s like a dream coming into reality, that when remembering Mecca, the focus was always on Kaaba. Before Kaaba I cried that Allah had granted my prayer and dream to come to Mecca, and I also prayed for JNE to grow and distribute goodness to everyone” said Bagus Supriadi, an umrah pilgrim, a journalist from Jember, who won the JNE Content Competition. 


The same was also expressed by Sukawati, who was a journalist from Makassar who won the JNE Content Competition. She acknowledged being spontaneously touched when she saw Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram for the first time, and at that time she was immediately reminded that patience is one of the keys to living life, after waiting for two years due to the pandemic, she was quite grateful that she would make maximum use of her time during umrah to pray directly in Baitullah for her sick parents to cure and recover, as Sukawati said. 


The same also applied to Kusnul Isti Qomah (journalist) chosen as one of the winners of the JNE Content Competition 2019 that she kept praying that in the umrah to come everything would run smoothly and she could worship solemnly. However, she had mixed feeling that she had to leave her 1-year-old child for the pilgrimage to Mecca for 8 days. This being the case, she brought her child’s clothes to ease her longing for the baby, as Kusnul said. 


M. Guntur who daily works delivering packages as a bike courier from West Bike Messenger (WMS) was given the opportunity to participate in umrah with JNE this time. It was unimaginable for him, especially since the news of the opportunity to go umrah was received when Guntur was cleaning up his house that was submerged by flood. He said that it was also thanks to the blessing from some religious practice in the form of sholawat and dhikr, remembering Allah SWT in each round of his bike wheels that he performed every day while delivering packages, eventually bringing him to the holy land Mecca.


“I’m quite grateful to be an employee of JNE, that the company can dispatch its employees for umrah that is my dream. This umrah is also a special gift from Allah, that besides going umrah with my lovely wife, it is also patience killing to wait for the pandemic to recede 2 years ago. Surely, I also pray for the glory and blessing for JNE in front of Kaaba to keep sharing, giving and helping everyone, that through JNE I can come to the Holy Land,” said Mahesa Senggani, Ksatria JNE Headquarters. 


“It’s also an impressive moment to enter Nabawi Mosque, into Raudhah area. The pilgrims’ enthusiasm was no joke, and there was a long queue and crowd. It required patience and fortitude to enter the area in the Tombs of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. and of the companions Abu Bakar and Umar bin Khatab. I’m quite happy for the facilitation to pray in Raudhah,” explained Ahmad Januri umrah pilgrim who worked as a Pickup Courier of JNE Headquarters.  


Meanwhile, Agus Yunanto, Ksatria of JNE Solo,  acknowledged that he was quite grateful and thankful to JNE that had dispatched its employees including him who had been working for 12 years in JNE Solo. “This is a fortune and response from Allah through JNE I can go to the Holy Land Mecca. JNE is a trustworthy company that is concerned about its employees’ prosperity.” To him the umrah program was the best reward during his service in JNE. “I was focused there on worshiping and praying for my family and also for the development of JNE, so that it can keep delivering happiness,” concluded Agus who also served as the Chairman of JNE Solo Branch with teary eyes that his dream of prostrating before Kaaba came into reality. 

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