JNE Does Not Stop the Parcels Delivery Through the Air Cargo

08 February 2019

February, 2019 – In running its business processes, JNE's success in delivering all the costumers' parcels is inseparable from its partners' roles, especially the airlines. Therefore, a mutual cooperation with the air cargo service providers should be continuously made to create a business atmosphere which may support the domestic SMEs.

In response to the recent news issues on the shipping and logistic service companies which temporarily stop their package delivery through air cargo, it is asserted that JNE still continue its package delivery service through air cargo in accordance with its commitment to always provide maximum services to its costumers with the spirit of “Connecting Happiness”.

Eri Palgunadi as VP of Marketing explained, “As express shipping delivery service company, JNE has never stop its package delivery through air cargo. Therefore, the circulating issues on the layoff package delivery through air cargo is completely untrue”.

JNE has also highly appreciated the response of Coordinating Ministry for the Economic Affair towards Asperindo's aspiration by holding a meeting on Wednesday, 6th February 2019, between shipping and logistic providers including ASPERINDO, in which JNE is the member along with other 200 companies. The objective of the meeting was to improve shipping and logistic industries by doing an analysis of problems to apply the best solution, not to mention an Airway Mail.

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