JNE Donates Some Exhibition Tents to Develop MSMEs in Bekasi

06 March 2018


March, 2018 - Bekasi is one city supporting the megapolitan of Jabodetabek and has a good economic growth by 5% - 6% of West Java. The superior potentials of Bekasi may be developed, especially in service and trade sectors. The development of MSMEs is continuously developed by the government that eventually encourages its residents’ creativity.

As one support form for the development of MSMEs in Bekasi, JNE has participated in the event of Zaman Now Bazar to commemorate the 21st City Anniversary of Bekasi on 6-7 March, 2018. The Event was held in the front yard of West Bekasi sub-district office, Jalan Bintara Raya no .4 Bekasi in cooperation with the Cooperatives Office (Dinas Koperasi/Diskop) of SMEs in Bekasi. Not only as a support form for Culinary MSMEs throughout the archipelago through Pesona, in that event, JNE booth is also intended to introduce JNE service products in supporting business activities.

Yoshi Sapto as JNE Bekasi Branch Manager said, "The efforts to support the development of MSMEs are made through various programs with the spirit of JNE tagline "Connecting Happiness". The commemoration series of the 21st City Anniversary of Bekasi in this year may become one great opportunity to realize JNE support for the development of MSMEs in Bekasi, and reduce the burden imposed on the MSME actors due to the limited investment and capital. With JNE tent aid, it is expected that the MSME actors may become more creative and innovative with the existing Bekasi local wisdom in improving people’s economy that they eventually may become more independent and strengthen the economy of Bekasi.

During the MSME Zaman Now Bazaar 2018, JNE Bekasi Branch has taken a part in providing supports and makes the event become more interesting as its participation is highly required by MSMEs in Bekasi. In facts, Local Government has limited supports in providing guidance for MSME actors. Thus, the collaboration between JNE and local governments should always be positively made in order to support the MSMEs’ activities. The event was directly opened by the Head of SME Cooperatives Office in Bekasi, Mr. Karto. Meanwhile, 3 JNE tents are directly and symbolically received by Mr. Eko Suprihantoro, JNE Bekasi Section Head Sales & Marketing. The exhibition tents are intended to display each MSME’s products in Bekasi.

In that event, each business actor had the opportunity to display the strengths of their product creations, while JNE booth also displayed the superiority of various typical food products throughout the archipelago, some of which are the typical food products originally made by Bekasi people. In addition, JNE also provides various opportunities for all MSMEs in Bekasi to join and become the vendor of Pesona (Pesanan Oleh-oleh Nusantara), a special JNE site for MSMEs to directly register their names at JNE booth in order to widely market the produced typical products, both inside and outside of the country.

Yoshi also said, "JNE has continuously made various opportunities to develop various business for MSMEs, not only through Pesona, but also JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) program which number continuously increase by more than 20% each year since launched in 2014.

Each package delivery made by the MSME actors may earn various benefits provided by JNE in the form of points which may later be exchanged with various interesting prizes even the spectacular ones at JNE special programs for all JLC members at the end of the year. To become JLC member, it is very easy. You just need to register your names through the website www.jlc.jne.co.id.

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