JNE Friendly Logistics Presents Solutions for Creative Industry Actors

30 September 2019

September 2019 - JNE presents solutions for creative industry actors, including SMEs (Small and Medium Industries) and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), namely Friendly Logistics. Once in Bandung and Yogyakarta, Friendly Logistics was presented at Cimanggis, Depok.

Chandra Fireta and Edi Santoso as the Director of JNE together with top management inaugurated it directly in the event which was held on 30th September at its location located on Jl. Raya Pekapuran No.1, Cimanggis, Depok. In this Cimanggis Friendly Logistic, JNE also formalized its partnership with Yukbisnis as an online platform to support business people who were founded by Jaya Setiabudi.

Facilities in Friendly Logistic are useful to make it easier, so that businesses can focus on the production and development or product innovation processes, as well as sales. That is because the management of warehousing by Friendly Logistic is done in a professional manner and integrated directly with the shipping service, so that the data update the amount of stock of goods, as well as the delivery status of each package is available regularly.

M. Feriadi, President Director of JNE, said, "Creative industry actors are often preoccupied with the warehousing process, managing stock of goods, packaging, and sending packages to each buyer. It has the potential to reduce the concentration of efforts to increase sales, product development or innovation in terms of quantity or quality, and others ".

There are various facilities in Friendly Logistics, such as digital marketing, warehousing, order fulfillment, technology development, shipping management and delivery, are complete solutions to problems experienced by these business actors. Built on an area of ​​13,000 m², Friendly Logistic Cimanggis is able to handle tens of thousands of packages per month from Yukbisnis client transactions.

Feriadi said, "To overcome every challenge and seize every opportunity in the digital age, synergy and collaboration with strategic partners must be continued. The presence of Friendly Logistic is expected to encourage business progress of business actors because it is no longer necessary to handle logistical activities that require great effort in business processes ".

In realizing Friendly Logistics, JNE synergizes with other parties. Firstly launched in Bandung with PT. Prakasa Trada Solusi (PTS) in 2018 then, on September 16th, it was also launched in Yogyakarta in collaboration with PT. Chakra Nala Logistic (Canal). Furthermore, JNE Friendly Logistic will also be present in other cities along with the growth of creative industry businesses in the digital age.

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