JNE has Provided Mudik Posts After sharing Takjil and THR (Religious Holiday Allowance) to the Public

11 June 2018

May 2018 - JNE annually holds special programs to enliven Ramadan and celebrate Ied ul Fitr. Those special programs and events were held in the holy month for Muslims as forms of JNE spirits and commitments to continuously share happiness, for both external, including the loyal customers and public, as well as for internal party, including the company’s employees throughout the archipelago.

For its employees, JNE held Bukber Akbar and Safari Ramadhan that the atmosphere of togetherness may become stronger and family relationship may become closer. For its loyal customers and public, after the activities of Bagi - bagi Takjil (Takjil sharing) in Jakarta and  branch offices as well as THR on the Road in Bandung and Yogyakarta, JNE has also provided Posko Mudik JNE (JNE Mudik Posts).

JNE Mudik posts are located in several cities in West Java, Central Java and Lampung, precisely located in the strategic locations that many mudik travelers may pass though due to the celebration of Ied ul Fitr 1439 H. Those posts were ready to be visited by Mudik travelers from June 11-14, 2018 or starting from Lebaran D-4.

In West Java region, JNE Mudik Posts were located in 2 locations precisely at Jl. Raya Cirebon Bandung Jakarta - Weru Plered (in front of Batik Market), Cirebon Regency and Jl. Raya Cirebon Jakarta Patrol Pantura, Indramayu Regency. Meanwhile in Tegal, JNE Mudik Posts were precisely located at Jl. Pantura in adjacent to Tegal bus station. JNE Mudik posts were also located precisely in Limbangan Nagreg, Garut and at Jl. Jend. Sudirman (in front of Ciamis police station and Ciamis regent pendopo), Ciamis. In addition, there was also one JNE Mudik Post in Cilegon precisely located at Jl. Raya Cilegon Kota, the landmark of Cilegon city.

In Central Java, one JNE Mudik post was located in JNE Wangon parking area and ready to serve the Mudik travelers passing through the area. Similarly, for Mudik travelers passing through West Java-Central Java border, there was one JNE Mudik Post located in Banjar, precisely at SPBU 34.463.14 of Banjar city, Jl Raya Banjar Majenang (the South Route of West Java-Central Java border). In Semarang, one JNE Mudik post is precisely located in Pantura Route of Semarang-kendal Km. 12 (Jalan Raya Walisongo). Meanwhile, in Sumatra region, one JNE Mudik post was located in Lampung precisely at  Jl. Lintas Sumatera Km. 18, Rangai Tritunggal, Katibung District, South Lampung.

Eri Palgunadi, JNE VP of Marketing explained, "To realize the spirit of its tagline "Connecting Happiness", JNE continuously strives to deliver happiness by utilizing JNE networks available in several cities passed through by the Mudik travelers. JNE Mudik posts were provided for Mudik travelers with a long destination that they may comfortably reach their destination as various facilities were sophisticatedly provided".

In each city, JNE Mudik post was in cooperation with the authorities, such as Local Police and Transportation Agency (Dishub). At those Mudik posts, the drivers or motor riders may have free takjil and drinks. In addition, there were  also charger stations to recharge their mobile phone batteries that the travelers may continuously and smoothly communicate with their families and relatives.

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