JNE has Vaccinated 7500 JNE Employees and the Surrounding People

09 July 2021

July 2021 – In order to support the government's program in handling the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic which number has continuously increased each day, JNE has prepared 7,500 vaccines intended for JNE employees in Jabodetabek and the surrounding people. The implementation of vaccination is intended to support the government programs to accelerate the communal or herd immunity. This free vaccination has been held at GOR Grogol Auditorium, West Jakarta, Jl. Dr. Nurdin IV Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta. The vaccination is performed every day starting from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. of Western Indonesian Time from 8 -19 July 2021 (except 11 and 18 July 2021, the JNE vaccination center will be closed). The JNE Vaccination Center was held in collaboration with Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Muhammadiyah Hospital, CEO Forum and Asperindo.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic beginning in March 2020 until now, JNE has allocated more than IDR 13 billion for handling the outbreak of Covid-19 and others by running a CSR program to jointly help overcome the government and private sector. Some of these collaborations include distributing 10,000 face-masks to 25 referral hospitals for corona patients in various cities throughout Indonesia, sending more than 25 million PPE to all hospitals, and distributing hundred tons of other Covid-19 assistances to more than 1,200 health facilities as well as 1135 institutions and individuals throughout Indonesia.


M. Feriadi Soeprapto, JNE President Director, said, "various efforts have been made to overcome the outbreak of Covid-19 in addition to always comply with the health protocols through Covid-19 vaccination intended to immediately end the outbreak of this Covid-19 to stabilize and normalize the conditions as before. We are optimistic that by working together, cooperating, and collaborating with the government and various other parties, we can handle and overcome this corona virus pandemic," he explained.


Samsul Djamaludin, as JNE's VP of Quality Assurance & Facility Management, added, "We hold this vaccination activity to ensure that all JNE employees, especially the frontline officers, such as couriers, sales counter officers, customer service personnel, and other departments in a close relationship with customers, can be protected from the Corona viruses. This will certainly increase the customers’ convenience in using JNE services. This vaccination program will be gradually held in all JNE branches.”


JNE has also provided free PPE shipments through the collaboration programs with various parties such as: Andi F Noya (Benihbaik.com), Adib Hidayat & Kitabisa.com in APD Kita (Our PPE) program, BTP Foundation - Mr. Ahok, CT ARSA Foundation - Trans Media, Cotton Ink , Anne Avantie Foundation, MCI (Mualaf Center Indonesia) - Ikhlas Foundation, Dompet Kemanusiaan (Wallet for Humanity) Media Group (DKMG) - Metro TV, Volunteer Siaga (Okay Oce) Sandiaga Uno,  and Foodbank of Indonesia (FOI).


In order to assist the handling of Covid-19 and the affected local MSMEs, JNE has made donations to DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, West Java Provincial Government, Surabaya City Government, and Central Java Provincial Government as well as assist the construction of Hasyim Asy'ari Hospital in Jombang. In addition, in June 2021, the assistance given to DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in the form of 225 units of beds for isolation facilities and Covid-19 patients at Rumah Rusun (Flats) in Nagrak, Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta.


Feriadi added that through this strategic collaboration, JNE has continuously realized the spirit of "Connecting Happiness", that is, delivering happiness to the remote areas throughout the country by sharing, loving, and caring for others. “The activity programs and collaborations that we have initiated can continuously support various positive activities. These efforts are actually to ease the government’s burdens and to improve the national economy during the Covid-19 pandemic which has not been over yet," he concluded.

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