JNE Holds the 4th of Harbokir

25 November 2019

November 2019 - Harbokir or Free Shipping Day, which is celebrated every year on JNE's anniversary celebration, is ready to be enjoyed again this year by all loyal customers. In celebration of the 29th JNE Anniversary with the theme "29 Years Together with Indonesia", Harbokir will be held for 2 days, on November 26-27, 2019.

In this 4th times, Harbokir applies to all customers throughout Indonesia with a maximum shipment of 1 kg per receipt. This free postage program can be used on shipments with YES, Regular and OKE services with the aim of sending within the same city, as well as between cities within 1 province.

This year, a special quota will be given to loyal JNE customers who have joined to become JLC (JNE Loyalty Card) members. Members will get a free quota of maximum 30 receipts per day. While for general customers or non-members of JLC, the maximum amount obtained is 10 receipt per day. To guarantee security, starting this year the use of OTP (One Time Password) will also be applied in every HARBOKIR special transaction. It's easy, the customer just comes directly to the JNE service point by bringing the package to be sent, then informs the cellphone number to the sales counter officer. After that, the customer will immediately receive a special code via sms to be given back to the JNE officer as a sign that his package or receipt gets free postage.

Eri Palgunadi, JNE VP of Marketing, said, "Since it was held for the first time in celebration of the 26th JNE Anniversary in 2016, Harbokir immediately gained high enthusiasm from the public. Of course, to enliven the celebration of the 29th anniversary, JNE wants to share happiness again so that the Connecting Happiness tagline will be realized again for loyal customers ".

Harbokir can also be enjoyed by people who shop at the online marketplace Shopee, Lazada, Bukalapak, Blibli and Elevania. In addition, JNE also collaborates with Blibli.com in the form of discounted prices for certain items. Eri also expressed his hope that Harbokir 2019 can again encourage people's interest to shop online. "We hope that with high public enthusiasm, Harbokir can benefit from not only the online seller but also the buyers during the promo period".

At present Harbokir, which is held in every JNE anniversary, has become one of the most awaited moments by many people. Harbokir has also become one of the peak season moments for JNE such as Harbolnas or Lebaran where the number of JNE shipments increases by an average of around 20% - 30% or even more, compared to normal days.

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