JNE in Collaboration with PTS Continuously Supports the Local MSMEs by Launching 'Friendly Logistics'

27 February 2018

Friendly Logistics is one piloting project expected to become the MSMEs logistic solutions

February, 2018 - JNE continuously realizes its commitments to make various developments and innovations in providing maximum benefits for the customers which are implemented in many fields, such as: information & technology, human resource, and infrastructure. In addition, JNE is also actively engaged in strategic cooperation to support the development of SMEs in Indonesia.

One form of strategic cooperation is making a collaboration with PT. Prakasa Trada Solusi (PTS). JNE and PTS have a similar goal, that is, creating opportunities and facilitating MSMEs in online purchasing and selling processes by launching Friendly Logistics services as end to end solutions for local MSMEs, such as digital marketing, warehousing, order fulfillment, technology development, shipping management and delivery, certainly with affordable costs. This cooperation was officially launched on February 27, 2018 by JNE President Director, M. Feriadi and PTS CEO, DiptaImanto located at Spasial Jl. Gudang Selatan No. 22, Merdeka, Sumur Bandung, West Java 40113.

At the launching of friendly logistic services, the invited participants consisting of creative industry and MSME actors as well as media and bloggers visually obtain various explanations through the friendly logistic comercial video playing followed with in-depth discussion at the talk show session. Eri Palgunadi as JNE VP of Marketing, Dipta Imanto as PTS CEO and Yukka Herlanda as one PTS service user and owner one famous local brand Brodo, discussed the challenges may be faced by the creative industry actors in the recent digital era and the solutions offered by Friendly Logistic services. The event gets more interesting with the performance of some famous singers, such as Monita Tahalea, Bayu Risa, and Gaby who amazed hundreds of the attending audiences.

PTS initially notices the great potentials and high distribution needs of SMEs’ digital businesses in Indonesia. Many creative industry actors are busy with the warehousing and packaging processes since the needs are subsequently high and potentially decrease a concentration on the development of designs and sales. Therefore, PTS comes to appear as a supply chain management service which provides the management related to procurement, storage, and delivery of raw materials and end-processed products. PTS CEO, Dipta Imanto said "PTS also provides one stop solution service to optimize brand supply chain processes. We believe that Indonesian brands may become the leaders in their own country, and with the presence of friendly logistics, we may combine and unite all local brands for the development of MSMEs in Indonesia ".

With a 552 m2 wide warehouse and 9000 warehouse management units, friendly logistics recently organizes more than 10 thousand transactions each month from the PTS clients. 5 professionals specializing in friendly logistic services also handle approximately 200 pcs per day shown by the order receipts, product taking, quality control, packaging, as well as the receipt inputting processes which are then sent by JNE.

JNE VP of Marketing, Eri Palgunadi said "with its capability in the field of delivery services supported by more than 40 thousand employees, 7000 operating vehicles, and 6000 service points throughout Indonesia, JNE becomes PTS official partner which provides the logistic infrastructure for last mile delivery needs, including international shipment. The data obtained from Ministry of Cooperative show that only about 8% MSMEs are able to utilize online platform of the total 59.2 million SMEs in Indonesia. Thus, one focus of the companies’ strategies this year is to create a fulfillment center service for MSMEs.

Due to the presence of this service, the MSMEs may focus more on productions and sales while the logistic problems will be handled by the friendly logistic services which may become a compatible solution for creative industry or SME actors since offered various benefits, such as professional warehousing management integrated with the last mile delivery services, inventory updates, and periodic shipment status to save the time and cost", he added.

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