JNE Padang Vaccination of Employees and Residents around Berok Nipah Village, Free!!

20 August 2021

Padang, August 2021 – Supporting the government in accelerating the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, whose numbers continue to increase to date, JNE Padang has taken part in a vaccination program initiated by the Padang City Health Office. Approximately 150 people, including JNE employees and their families, as well as the general public have received the vaccine. The vaccination will be held on August 19, 2021 starting at 08.00 WIB at the JNE Padang Main Branch office area, Jalan Nipah No. 42 , Berok Nipah Village, West Padang District, Padang City.

Previously, thousands of employees at JNE Central Jakarta and several other branches had taken part in the vaccination. And it is planned that all JNE employees will gradually participate in the vaccination program. This is a form of JNE’s awareness and concern about the importance of vaccines as self-protection, especially during a pandemic like now, so that JNE can serve customers optimally. In addition, implementing this vaccination aims to help speed up government programs in achieving communal immunity or herd immunity.

Yusran, Head of the JNE Padang Branch said, “We all know that Covid-19 cases continue to increase, both nationally and in the city of Padang itself. Organizing vaccinations especially for JNE employees, is a form of the company’s efforts to keep its employees healthy. During this pandemic, we must continue to deliver the trust (packages) from customers so that our customers feel safe and comfortable, besides implementing health protocols, all of our employees have also been vaccinated,” he said.

Azizi, a student, one of the vaccine participants expressed his gratitude to JNE, “Thank you JNE Padang for holding a free vaccine program, I’m here injecting the second dose of vaccine, Alhamdulillah when the first dose of vaccine didn’t have any side effects. And hopefully the second time, there will be no side effects. The important thing is to keep your immune system strong. So, I’ve already had the first and second complete vaccines. When will you be?”, exclaimed Azizi, inviting other people in Padang to get vaccinated.

Yusran also added, “Of course we all hope and pray that this pandemic will end soon. We also appeal to the entire community, especially in the city of Padang, let’s get vaccinated and continue to comply with health protocols so that Indonesia can recover quickly and we can all carry out normal activities as usual. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Alhamdulillah, JNE has seriously responded to this by implementing strict health protocols in the work environment and services to customers. Implementing social distancing in operational areas and counters, routine disinfectants on work equipment, and the use of masks for all employees on duty,” he said.

JNE’s concern for the Covid-19 pandemic is evidenced by the CSR programs carried out at JNE Central and branches throughout Indonesia, together with government and private parties. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, until now, JNE has allocated more than Rp. 13 billion to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and others. Some of these collaborations include: distributing 10,000 masks to 25 referral hospitals for corona patients in various cities in Indonesia, sending over 25 million PPE equipment to all hospitals. The distribution of hundreds of tons of other Covid-19 aid to more than 1,200 health facilities and 1135 institutions and individuals, as well as the distribution of Oxygen Gas Cylinders to all Covid-19 Emergency Hospitals throughout Indonesia.


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