JNE Yogyakarta Attractively Celebrate the JNE’s 28th Anniversary by Participating in “Reresik Malioboro”

25 December 2018

December 2018, Yogyakarta –December is one blessing month for all street vendors in Malioboro. Natal 2018 and New Year 2019 are taking place at the same time with school holiday that the visitors significantly increase. Natal this year is precisely on Tuesday Wage 25/12, in which based on the government regulation of Yogyakarta since September 2017 that each 35 days, that is on Tuesday Wage, Malioboro should be free from its street vendors.

Although no selling activities, the street vendors in Malioboro have the mutual commitment to do “Reresik Malioboro” (the Javanese word “reresik” means cleaning) every Tuesday Wage, by working together cleaning all the pedestrian areas at the same time. This year, JNE has taken a part for the second time after JNE’s first participation in August, last year in coinciding with the inauguration of Tuesday wage cleaning official unit.

Adi Subagyo, the Branch Manager of JNE Yogyakarta has also taken this activity as one of the series of JNE’s 28th anniversary that 150 JNE employees both male and female have directly participated and crowded Malioboro area since 5.30 early in the morning. This rainy holiday moment did not reduce the participants’ enthusiasm, consisting of various street vendor communities including Madura merchant community and the shadow play with leather puppets’ lovers to wholeheartedly clean Malioboro area.

JNE’s 28th anniversary was exactly on November 26, 2018 followed with a series of activities for both internal and external participations. Various events were held, such as tumpengan as the realization of JNE’s gratitude to its older age through the people’s party, door prizes for employees, and Reresik Malioboro as JNE Yogyakarta’s care to its surrounding environment.

“JNE’s 28 anniversary is celebrated with the joy and gratitude through various events and activities in accordance with the theme of this year Anniversary, “Delivering happiness in accordance with the JNEs’ tagline of Connecting Happiness. We enthusiastically would like to implant JNE Yogyakarta’s spirit to all JNE Ksatria and Srikandi to share and provide benefits to the surrounding environment and society, one of them, by showing care and awareness to the cleanliness of Malioboro”, said Adi Subagyo.

In this great opportunity, Marsudi, JNE Jateng-DIY Regional Head was also present and symbolically give two tamarind trees as the shade for pedestrians in Malioboro area.  These shade trees were directly given to Heroe Poerwadi, the deputy mayor of Yogyakarta, during the morning meeting led by Ekwanto, Head of Malioboro Technical Implementation Unit. At that time, Heroe greeted all JNE ksatria dan srikandi who have just participated in the cleaning activity and thanked for their participation.

Marsudi greatly expected that through this activity, JNE Yogyakarta’s ksatria dan srikandi will have higher awareness to implement the company’s traditions of 5R (Resik(clean), Rapi (Tidy), Rawat(Care), Rajin (diligent), Ringkas(Concise)). Not only is in the working environment, but also in home environment and surroundings since JNE operational activities also depend on the natural balance. By continuously participating in and maintaining the cleanliness, the environmental preservation may be well maintained and the works may run very smoothly.

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