Mohamad Feriadi Soeprapto Named for Indonesia Best 50 CEO Awards 2022

26 April 2022

April 2022, Jakarta – Efforts and maximum performance in all elements of the JNE continue to be carried out with the spirit of "Connecting Happiness" at all times. Commitment to always prioritizing customer service excellence and compassion for the community, which is delivered to all workers. M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President Director of JNE, got a major award from The Iconomics Research on April 11, 2022, as one of the 50 Indonesia Best CEO 2022 Awards "Employee's Choice" Courier Category.

In this study, The Iconomics Research will see the extent to which employees appreciate the efforts made by the leadership in general situations as well as in special situations such as the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis. From early January 2022 to early March 2022, the assessment is carried out online through a survey of thousands of employees in various industries and categories, with a total of close to 8,000 respondents (cumulative), with four indicators for evaluating CEO parameters including Popularity, Competency, Crisis Leadership, and Personality.

Before being trusted to be the leader of JNE which has been established for 31 years, M. Feriadi Soeprapto started his steps from a position that is in direct contact with consumers. Years of experience in positions related to sales, marketing and being an onboard courier to various countries around the world provide valuable lessons. To the present, he is trusted to lead approximately 50 thousand employees as President Director of JNE.

M. Feriadi Soeprapto, President and Director of JNE, expressed his appreciation for this distinguished honour. On behalf of all JNE employees and management, we would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation for the Indonesia Best 50 CEO Awards 2022 - Employee's Choice honour. "This award is a catalyst for our performance to continue to develop, which is critical to solving challenges, particularly during the present epidemic."

JNE was founded with the primary goal of benefiting a large number of individuals, both within and external to the organization. As a result, this award serves as a motivator for management and workers to continue to provide exceptional job performance and to remain committed to continuing to innovate in company development, as well as to make every effort to arrange social events in a variety of fields.

Feriadi added, “In carrying out the mandate of leadership, there are principles that are always adhered to, namely sharing, giving and helping. This idea is not just about being wealthy, but also about how it may improve the lives of many individuals, employees, and the community as a whole. This is reflected in activities hosted for the greater community as genuine support in the social, sports, and cultural spheres, as well as educational programs for community and SME empowerment," he stated.

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