Ramadan Safari encourages JNE's Trusted Ksatria and Srikandi to Increase their Worship Quality

31 May 2018

May 2018 - For JNE, there are two privileges in its internal management during Ramadan and Ied ul Fitr each year. This high season is considered as a moment for all personnel to improve their performance since the number of delivery significantly increases in a very short time. This opportunity is also greatly beneficial to encourage better relationship and togetherness between the top management and its employees in branch offices all over Indonesia through Ramadan Safari program.

Similarly to the previous years, the board of directors routinely organizes Ramadan Safari from May 18-31, 2018 to 38 JNE branch offices throughout Indonesia. The event was also conducted in JNE Regional Central Java, Solo, Yogyakarta and Semarang, starting from JNE Solo on Friday 5/18 at Syariah Hotel Solo by inviting the orphans from Yatim Mandiri, Solo. Edi Santoso, as the JNE Director, was present to convey the importance of preparedness for JNE Solo team to face the high season.

In the following day, on Saturday 5/19, JNE Yogyakarta also held the same event at the ballroom of Eastpark Hotel, Yogyakarta and was attended by more than 200 JNE Yogyakarta Ksatria and Srikandi. In that occasion, Dusanto Ardanesworo, the VP of Internal Audit and Risk Management was present. At that time, JNE Yogyakarta invited the orphans from Mabarrot Piyungan Orphanage, Bantul to have a fasting break together and hear the Islamic teachings delivered by Gus Miftah from Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School.

On Saturday 5/26, JNE Semarang also held Ramadan Safari at JNE Semarang Main Branch Office located on Jl. Kumudasmoro No. 5 Semarang. JNE Semarang invited 50 orphans from Darun Najah Al Barokah Orphanage and those coming from the surrounding environment of JNE Semarang office.

Ramadan Safari program is intended to  review the operational readiness in handling the delivery activities during the high season period as well as to strengthen the relationship between JNE employees and to share with the orphans during the Ramadan month. Based on its slogan of connecting happiness, JNE strives to continuously share happiness with others as implanted by the JNE founder, the late Soeprapto Soeparno that almost all events held by JNE involve numerous orphans and become the company’s tradition.

In a separated place, Marsudi, JNE Central Java Regional Head, revealed that so far the number of delivery in Central Java has started increasing since the first week of Ramadan and is predicted to continuously increase by 20-30% until Lebaran day. "So far, the packages are normally delivered in accordance with the estimated delivery time of each service with the top priority on the premium services of SS (Super Speed) and YES (Yakin Esok Sampai)", said Marsudi.

JNE will also continuously operate on Lebaran day, in which JNE's sales counters, both center and branch, are continuously open in accordance with their working hours to serve the customers’ needs. To face this special moment, JNE continuously develops and strengthens all sectors to maintain its excellent quality to all customers which are realized with the addition of number of human resources, infrastructure development, until the addition of service delivery time.

The other special programs are also held in this holy month, such as "Takjil Sharing" activities at each JNE branch, including Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang, Magelang and Cilacap. JNE Mudik Lebaran 2018 Posts are also provided in Wangon and Tegal for Java Central areas. In several branches, Takjil Sharing activities have been conducted  around the branch offices of JNE Cilacap on 5/23, JNE Solo on 25/5, JNE Semarang and Magelang simultaneously on 5/28.

JNE Yogyakarta also held Ramadan Safari on Wednesday 5/30 along Jl. Jogja-Solo, in which the location is frequently passed through by many workers from Jogja, Klaten and Solo, and around Prambanan Temple. Particularly in the temple which has another name of Roro Jonggrang Temple, JNE Yogyakarta Ksatria and Srikandi distributed takjil wearing Ramayana story and dancing costumes while carrying the peace messages that Yogyakarta is an Indonesian miniature consisting of various tribes, religions and languages, yet continuously maintaining the harmony and togetherness in this cultural city. On Thursday, 5/31, JNE Yogyakarta continuously distributed the Indonesian Staple foods for those people living in an area of the Integrated Waste Disposal Site, Piyungan, Bantul and some others were donated to Putra Ibn Fattah Berbah Orphanage. JNE Ksatria and Srikandi were then spread to distribute the packages containing the Indonesian staple food for farmers and traders who are still working closing to the fasting break time.

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