Special from JNE at Christmas and New Year 2020

23 December 2019

December 2019 - Every year when Christmas celebrates, JNE always shares happiness by holding various programs, as well as at the end of 2019. During December 22 - 31, 2019 JNE designed the exterior and the interior of the cash counter decorated with Christmas nuances and Santa Claus will be present to welcome each customer.

At the height of the Christmas celebration, which starts on December 24 to 25, 2017, Santa will also share happiness with gifts in the form of attractive merchandise for lucky customers. This program is held in several service points spread in Jakarta and 12 other cities, namely, Kupang, Jayapura, Manado, Sorong, Pekanbaru, Semarang, Ambon, Surabaya, Jambi, Pontianak, Makassar, and Medan.

Not only that, JNE also held a promo program in JNE International Service namely End of Year Promo 15% Discount during the period 16 - 31 December 2019. This program can be enjoyed by customers throughout Indonesia for package delivery to destinations to all countries without any maximum restrictions weight.

Eri Palgunadi, JNE's VP of Marketing, said, "At the end of every year, Christmas and New Year celebrations become one of the right moments for JNE to share happiness according to the" Connecting Happiness "tagline. This moment is also one of the "peak seasons" where the number of shipments increases around 20% to 30%, or even more. Therefore, JNE wants Christmas and New Year to be livelier with various programs ".

Eri also said that during religious holidays or other celebrations, JNE service points throughout Indonesia became more crowded because many customers sent packages. "Therefore, we present a thematic atmosphere in accordance with the ongoing holidays so that the package delivery activity feels more special and different than usual days".

At certain moments referred to as "peak season", the number of JNE shipments increased compared to normal days, including during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. At that moment, many people shared by giving gifts to relatives and relatives. This has led to an increased need for package delivery, especially since the activity is now easier because of the advancement of IT and the express delivery industry today.

In handling the increasing needs of the community for the delivery of various types, sizes, and number of packages on Christmas and other peak season times, JNE continues to be fully operational to distribute packages to all destinations inside and outside the country. Service points remain open as usual, including 24-hour counters in major cities that are always ready to serve all customers



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