Strengthening the Partners' Employees in Jakarta through JNE's Employee Agent Gathering 2019

08 March 2019

March, 2019 – Human Resource is one important sector for JNE as an express and logistic delivery service company for more than 28 years delivering the costumers' packages throughout Indonesia. Human Resource is also highly prioritized as various activities in package distribution processes may not be replaced by the machine to provide the best quality services.

Thus, to develop the Human Resource quality, JNE routinely holds various programs and events for its employees recently reaching more than 45 thousand people throughout the archipelago, starting from the headquarter office's, branch offices', and partners' or agents' employees. It is particularly for the partners' employees, one distinguished program to appreciate their working performance is provided through JNE's Employee Agent Gathering.

This time,  the Employee Agent Gathering 2019 for the partners' employees in Jakarta, will be held at Taman Safari Indonesia entitled “Gembira Sehari di Taman Safari”, on Thursday, March 7, 2019. More than 2500 JNE partners' or agents' employees from Jakarta will be invited to enjoy various interesting performances and activities provided by the committee, including the entire attractions available at Taman Safari for free.

M. Feriadi, JNE President Director, said, “For JNE as a service company, Human Resource is one important company asset as many duties may not be replaced by mechines. Human Resource is one main factor to develop and obtain more special attentions, beside infrastructure, Information Technology,  and environtment. Therefore, Employee Agent Gathering is routinely held to strengthen the familial relationship among all JNE employees, either the headquarter office's, branches', and partners' or agents'.”

The continuously arising solidarity due to their strong familial relationship, may improve their working performance in all lines that the best service quality may be continuously provided for all JNE loyal costumers. “The spirit to deliver happiness in accordance with its tagline “Connecting Happiness” will also become greater and greater by appreciating all the partners' or agents' employees through this event”, Feriadi further explain.

The event will become more attractive as JNE has also provided various interesting door prizes for the partners' or agents' employees coming to the event. The distribited Door prizes include dozens of electronic and gadget devices, as well as Tourism Packages to Bali for 10 partners'employees. Besides, a motor cycle is also provided as the grand prize

One lucky employee to receive a tourism package to Bali, Muhamammad Irfan from JNE Agent Green Bay Muara Karang, North Jakarta, said that he gracefully thanks JNE as he never expects to receive a such prize. “Thank God, luck coming from any unexpected way, such as from JNE. For me,  this event is very good to be continuously held as many agents' employees throughout Jakarta may attend. I may also have more friends and share experiences”, said Irfan.

Giar, an employee from JNE Agent MAA East Pluit who win the grandprize of a motor cycle, is greatly excited and happy since she never expects to win the grand prize. “I only felt that I was highly spiritful since morning to attend this event. It was probably the sign from God for me to win the grand prize of a motor cycle through JNE. Thanks JNE, I do hope JNE will be more successful, well developed, and fully blessed in the future. We are the agents' employees representing all employees are greatly excited to become one part of JNE huge family”, said Giar.

Just like the other events held by JNE since first established in 1990, the tradition to share its donations for the orphans is also made and this time is given to those from Yayasan Raudhatul Qur’an who are invited to receive the donations right at the opening ceremony. This tradition is also followed by its employees and those coming to the JNE Employee Agent Gathering 2019 who also innitiatively make their domations that millions of rupiahs are collected to be given to dozens of orphans from Yayasan Raudhatul Qur’an.

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