Synergy for the Nation, JNE Establishes A Cooperation with FOI

08 March 2018

Jakarta, March 8, 2018 - JNE, a company engaged in package and logistic delivery and FOI (Foodbank of Indonesia), a community institution focusing on assisting and providing aids for those in hunger and malnourished communities, have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Jakarta with the presence of the Deputy Minister for Children Growth, Lenny N Rosalin.

This is considered as a joint commitment of three pillars of the State, comprising government, community institution and business world in order to support the children’s rights as stated in the Constitution, Article 28 paragraph 2, mentioning that each child basically has the rights to live, in the sense of obtaining a proper condition to grow and develop.

Issues on nutrition are still considered essential in Indonesia. Not only malnutrition but also famine cases occur at schools. "According to the data processed by Riskesdak 2010, approximately 20% - 40% of 66 million children go to school with empty stomach. Thus, the students’ concentration may decrease when studying. The students may also have difficulties in understanding the lessons "said Hendro Utomo, the FOI Founder.

Foodbank of Indonesia (FOI) which was established in 2015 has made an initiative effort to provide assistance for children with nutritional problems through Mentari Bangsaku, a program designed to help the students of Early Childhood Education (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini/PAUD) and those of Primary Schools in obtaining additional food. Hendro Utomo said that the existence of FOI may not solve all but at least reduce the existing problems.

As one effort to support the government, FOI in cooperation with the business world through Indonesia Ceria (Cerita Baik Kita) Program, worked together and synergized in reducing malnutrition and famine problems experienced by children at schools. The efforts were made in order to develop a better future for Indonesia through a better quality of human resources. One company realizing those conditions is JNE which is known as one largest logistic company in Indonesia.

For more than 27 years, JNE has made various efforts to meet the costumers’ needs in terms of express and logistic delivery, provided contribution to redistribute food donated by various food companies. After arriving at the predetermined locations, the donated food were taken to FOI and then distributed to the FOI targeted-schools and children.

JNE President Director, Mohammad Feriadi hopes that due to the presence of cooperation marked by the MOU signing between FOI and JNE, the food collection and distribution may become more efficient and have a wider range of areas. "With its 6000 networks and capabilities across the archipelago, JNE always strives to provide supports in various programs intended to promote the development of the nation. JNE also expects that its cooperation with FOI may provide various benefits and happiness to the society, especially children in accordance with the spirit of JNE tagline of Connecting Happiness ", Feriadi explained further.

The Deputy Minister for Children Growth, Lenny K Rosalin warmly welcomed the cooperation. "We do hope that this cooperation may encourage the government efforts to overcome the nutritional problems experienced by children, both at schools and in their families. Nutritional intervention and education are highly essential that mothers at home and teachers at schools play their important roles in fulfilling the children's rights in obtaining good health and prosperity, "said Lenny.

In addition to MOU signing, the distribution of extra food and the handover of operational vehicles are made by JNE to FOI dedicated for the program of Indonesia Ceria.

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