TDA Community Collaborates with JNE, Collaboration for the Country

10 June 2021

The Hands Above Community (TDA) is the largest business community in Indonesia and is a forum for entrepreneurs who have spread across various regions. TDA continues to collaborate with various government agencies or private companies. Not long ago, the TDA community formed a partnership with JNE, which is a delivery service provider. This collaboration program is in line with the TDA Community because entrepreneurs often send their merchandise. So that it is easier to make deliveries of products sold by the TDA community.

Ibrahim Mochamad Bafagih, President of TDA 7.0, said that through a collaboration program with JNE, TDA gets a discount with several conditions. "So from JNE we get discounts for all shipments throughout Indonesia through the TDA Passport," said the President of TDA 7.0 who is also the owner of Tunecca. Baim as he is known as JNE also supports TDA Business School financing for members who become mentors. So that mentors get the freedom to finance at TDA Business School. "TDA Business School is a curriculum program equivalent to a master's degree in business, the difference is that TDA Business School does not get a diploma," he said.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Feriadi, President Director of JNE, said that in the current industrial 4.0 era, collaboration is a win-win solution for business actors. Especially during this pandemic, JNE is trying to provide support to SMEs throughout Indonesia to remain victorious in their own country. "The pandemic has changed people's spending patterns, there may be many sectors affected by the pandemic, but this is also an opportunity for SMEs to become hosts in their own country," said Feri. SMEs which are the wheels of the community's economy must also become the pride of the community by increasing awareness of using domestic products.

Later, JNE will support TDA TV activities in the form of educational materials. Currently, the more advanced the digital world, companies are required to innovate and collaborate. So that the company can continue to grow amid challenges, the strategy by establishing cooperation has been carried out by JNE, and express delivery, and logistics service company. Meanwhile, after collaborating with several leading e-commerce and marketplaces in Indonesia, now JNE is collaborating with the largest business community in Indonesia. "This collaboration is under us, the TDA community, namely Collaboration for the Country," he concluded.


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