The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia has made a mutual cooperation with JNE to Support the Development of Tourism in Indonesia

19 December 2017

Jakarta - December 2017, in the next five-year development program, the government will focus more on infrastructure, maritime, energy, food and tourism sectors. These five sectors are considered to have significant role in short, medium, and long term national development. Of those five sectors, tourism is considered as a leading sector because in short, medium and long term has a positive growth.

Tuesday (12/12), M Feriadi, as JNE President Director, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between JNE and the Ministry of Tourism on Co-Branding of Wonderful Indonesia (Pesona Indonesia) at The Kasablanka Main Hall, Jakarta. In addition to be witnessed by Arief Yahya as the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, the event was also attended by Budi Karya Sumadi as the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia. The MoU signing is one manifestation of JNE contribution, as one national express and logistic service company, in promoting the Tourism Industries in Indonesia.

People have already known that JNE with the tagline of "Connecting Happiness", has a very important role in the world of e-commerce business in Indonesia as one trusted express and logistic service company which becomes the distributor of packages between the senders and sellers to the recipients through online purchasing processes. Recently, JNE has already owned more than 6000 service points spread across the archipelago, from big cities to sub-districts, and supported by 40,000 employees throughout Indonesia (JNE head office’s and branches’ employees as well as JNE partners’ or agents’ employees) with more than 7000 types of vehicles.

M. Feriadi, JNE President Director, said, "The MoU signing is one important step in making collaboration, coordination and partnership to develop a good relationship between JNE and the Ministry of Tourism in order to improve JNE’s and Wonderful Indonesia’s brand equity in views of the domestic and world community. As a National Company, we do hope that we may provide contribution in promoting the Indonesian world-class tourism with high competitiveness, encourage the regional development and people's welfare  in order to accelerate the development of national economy as well as to realize the Year of Synergy in 2018 in accordance with the spirit of JNE in the tagline of Connecting Happiness in which the slogan has a deeper meaning, not only delivering happiness of the package senders to the recipients, but also the company's continuous movement to develop and provide positive impacts to the society."

With its capabilities as a national express and logistic delivery service company which has been operating for 27 years, JNE continuously make collaborative programs, coordination, and partnerships with various parties intended to develop the nation and its people. Not only in the field of tourism, JNE also organizes various program activities as one form of support in the field of education, social, culture, sports, and even in the field of defense and security.

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