The Spirit of Sharing, How JNE Pekanbaru Defines the Moment of Independence

31 August 2021

Pekanbaru - August 2021, in the nuances of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, which does not fade with time, the euphoria of various celebrations during the Covid 19 pandemic is a special concern for us. With the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) of course, there will be no festive celebrations, and it is attended by many people as usual. Even so, the spirit of independence will never be lost in the hearts of the Indonesian people, especially the Knights and Heroes of JNE Pekanbaru. Interpreting the momentum of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day with the theme Indonesia Tough, Indonesia Grows, JNE Pekanbaru is very enthusiastic and eager to share with the people of Pekanbaru.

In the framework of Independence Day August 17, 2021, JNE Pekanbaru conducted a series of sharing activities starting on August 21 to August 28, 2021. 200 cleaners and 20 orphanages in Pekanbaru City. The total assistance provided was in the form of 1200 kg of rice, 142 boxes of instant noodles, 320 liters of cooking oil, and 300 kg of sugar. This assistance is given to ease the burden on people who need our care during the pandemic and connecting the happiness and spirit of independence on Indonesia's 76th Birthday. Direct donations were given by several team members formed by JNE Pekanbaru to janitors and orphanages while still adhering to the health protocols.

Hui Mandra, Head of JNE Pekanbaru Branch on this occasion said "JNE is always open for community activities, especially helping children who live in the Orphanage, we hope this will be a blessing for all of the community. The Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, which was achieved by our previous heroes became a motivation for all of us to stay passionate to fight the pandemic. In the past, we were fighting against the invaders, now we are fighting the Covid-19 which is not over yet. Of course, we must work hand in hand with fellow Indonesians to rise and care for others. Stay healthy and follow the health protocols”

Annisa Nurbaiti, the administrator of the Annisa Orphanage, one of the beneficiaries, expressed her gratitude and gratitude for the basic food assistance provided by JNE to the orphanage she managed. We pray that JNE will be more successful and consistent in sharing, this is the umpteenth time JNE has helped us. The assistance provided is beneficial for the needs of the children in the orphanage. Hopefully, this can also be an example for other institutions or companies, closed Annisa.

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