The Spirit of Tri Hery, JNE Sukabumi Branch Head at the 105th City Anniversary of Sukabumi

30 March 2019

Sukabumi, March 2019 - Pursuing a career in a big and well known company has become everyone's dream. Moreover, if the career keeps improving and finally reaching to one important position. However, to reach one important position in a big company needs hard work, patience, and sacrifice. These have already been made by Tri Hery, JNE Sukabumi Branch Manager in pursuing his career in a logistic company established by the nation's, JNE.

With the optimistic capital and education majoring in Management is not a guarantee to obtain a job in accordance with one's passion. Unlike, Tri, who was born in Cimahi, has a principle that “Basically, a success is our ways of life to provide benefits to both our families and others”. It is in accordance with JNE, a national company established by the nation's, which principle is to share happiness. “JNE's Tagline ”Connecting Happiness” always motivates and inspires me to continuously become one process part in delivering happiness to everyone”, said Tri. It is proven with the persistance and hard work of this man who loves playing basketball.  Due to Tri's interest in JNE, it give him various experiences and a promising career by starting his career as a JNE delivery courier in Bandung in 2001. Tri Hery was then trusted to become a retail and corporate sales  in Bekasi. Furthermore, he was trusted to become JNE Pangkal Pinang Brench Head and then continued his duties in JNE Sukabumi as Branch Manager up to now.

After 4 years of service and residing in Sukabumi, in accordance with its name,Sukabumi, derived from Sundanese of Suka and Bumen (Residing) which means an area loved to be resided. Tri Hery has a concern and spirit to have more meaning for the city known to have the freshest air, especially to play his role in developing SMEs in this city. The fast growing e-commerce in Indonesia during the recent years also encourage the increasing good distribution flows through the courier and logistic company. It is also experienced by JNE, in which since 2010 due to the e-commerce presence in Indonesia, the express courier businesses has continuously increased by 20% - 30% per year.

Sukabumi is a creative city with various high quality and competitive products created by its residents. The SMEs Sukabumi have also acknowled the benefits from the euforia of online businesses. In response to this significant development that the needs to deliver packages also continuously increase, JNE Sukabumi has also committed to continuously made innovations to always give the best experiences for the costumers through its best service quality. These innovations are realized through the development in various main sectors: information & technology, infrastructure, network, and human resource. JNE Sukabumi Branch Manager, Tri Hery said, “JNE has been in Sukabumi since 2007 and has the spirit to continuously reach the best results in building ecosystems which provide various mutual benefits in Sukabumi and are continuously implemented, with the development in various sectors, with more than 100 network points in Sukabumi areas, supported by more than 100 employees and various training programs actively made for the communities and SMEs. One JNE's support to the SMEs in the local areas is also realized by the presence of PESONA (Pesanan Oleh-Oleh Nusantara), a special marketplace of souvenirs from all over the archipelago since 2010. One superior typical product available in Pesona Nusantara from Sukabumi is Pepes Ikan Mas Dapoer Abah has become one most interested souvenir during the Asian Games last year.

To celebrate the 105th City Anniversary of Sukabumi, JNE was present to enliven the Anniversary event series held by the city government, such as Fun Run, Fashion Carnaval, uio  Art Show, and Video Maping on March 31, 2019. The events got more attractive as JNE Sukabumi was present and opened a booth that the visitors may directly register their names to become the members of JLC (JNE Loyality Card) and obtain various interesting merchandises. JNE also gave its fee package delivery promotion for the transactions made on Monday, April 1, 2019. This promotion is applicable for the delivery with the maximum weight of 2 kg to the intracity destinations only. Besides, netizens may also participate in quiz with the shopping voucher prizes through the instagram account @JNE.Sukabumi to attractively and interestingly enliven the City Anniversary of Sukabumi this year.

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