Welcoming the 28th Anniversary, JNE Bandung Branch Appreciates the loyal customers through "JNE Bandung Corporate Gathering Trip to Pangandaran 2018"

05 November 2018

November 2018 - November is a special moment for JNE to celebrate its anniversary. This year, JNE has reached its 28 years of age since it was founded in 1990. More than a quarter century, JNE has committed to provide an excellent service quality with the tagline “Connecting Happiness”. It is a moment to appreciate all loyal customers both in JNE retail sector and JNE corporate for entrusting their package delivery that become a mandatory obligation for JNE.

Saturday, November 3, 2018, JNE Bandung Main Branch invites the loyal customers to join "JNE Bandung Corporate Gathering Trip to Pangandaran 2018". In this opportunity, more than 80 participants consisting of corporate customers, JNE Bandung employees, as well as the printed and online media in West Java also participate in various activities, such as body rafting in Citumang, explore Pangandaran, and entertainment events held at the Ballroom of Laut Biru Hotel, Pangandaran, West Java. Not to mention, the charity donations as the company’s tradition are continuously made and this time are given to 10 orphans from Nurul Hikmah Foundation, Bojong Jati. The event got more interesting and attractive with the provided door prizes and games participated by all participants at the end of the event.

Iyus Rustandi as JNE Bandung Branch Manager said, "We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all customers for their trust. JNE will continuously strive to provide more benefits and additional values for the loyal customers. In Corporate Gathering activity 2018, it is expected that we can continuously present as a partner in the delivery services for the corporate customers who frequently use the JNE service products and facilities in delivery activities for various package types, quantities and sizes.

The shifting patterns of public spending from offline to online have a very significant impact on the growth of Indonesian logistic industry. It is noted that JNE Bandung has nationally increased its delivery number by 20% - 30% consistently each year. "I am highly optimistic, even though the retail business still dominates the delivery at around 70% while the corporate at only 30%, but the corporate customers have begun to find the rhythm of online selling by keeping up with various developments in this Digital Era. For its encouragement, JNE continuously strive to provide understanding for its customers or SMEs through various trainings starting from Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Workshops, and routine gathering activities conducted by JNE Bandung, such as traveling together, fishing, and other activities which are expected to build a close relationship between JNE and the loyal customers directly, as well as to become an effective discussion between the customers and JNE management.

In addition, various programs to improve the costumers’ business competitiveness are continuously made including the friendly logistic programs as fulfillment logistic services from warehousing until shipping services, JNE Trucking, up to JNE International Shipment, "Iyus further explained.

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