COD Retail

COD (Cash On Delivery) Retail is a payment feature for online sellers who deliver goods using JNE services

This service feature allows buyers to make payments directly via courier after the package handover is done.



  • Seller fills out the registration form available at JNE Sales Counter.
  • At registration, seller encloses a photo copy of the printed saving account with the account number.
  • Seller has been registered as a JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) member for at least 1 month.
  • This feature applies to COD items sent by the Seller through the JNE Sales Counter where the Seller is registered.
  • Retail COD applies for Regular, OKE & JTR services.
  • COD retail is prioritized for online sellers who sell outside the marketplace.
  • COD fees are only charged for successful delivery transactions sent and proven by a Proof of Delivery (POD) report on the JNE system.
  • Other costs such as shipping, insurance, packing, surcharge (if any) are paid at the time of the delivery transaction.
  • The value JNE pays to the Seller is the value that has been deducted by the COD fee after the shipment is successful.
  • The maximum value / price of goods with COD Retail service is IDR 5,000,000 (Five Million Rupiah) per Connote / transaction / address.
  • Items must be insured if the price of the item is above 10 times the shipping cost.
  • Orders that are not sent successfully (undelivery) will be returned (return) directly to the Seller after getting confirmation from the Seller.
  • The return address for the undelivery shipment is according to instructions received from the Seller.
  • For goods with undelivery status, if there is no instruction to return goods from the Seller, then the handling of undelivery shipments applies at JNE.
  • Payment of COD fees can use cash or digital.


For further information, please contact and consult the JNE Sales Counter in your city.

Customer Care (62 21) 5086 8880