JNE Pick-Up Point (JNE PIPO)

JNE Pick-Up Point (PIPO) is an alternative service for customer in receiving delivery.

With JNE PIPO, the shipper and receiver may have option in picking up the delivery in the nearest JNE outlet which is serving JNE PIPO rather than being delivered directly by JNE officers.

JNE PIPO service is the best option for high mobility person who is living temporary only in one place and unable to receive the delivery directly. Instead, they can request to send the delivery to the nearest JNE outlet which is serving PIPO and pick up the delivery anytime within 5 days after received.

6 steps to use JNE PIPO:

  • Step 1   : Notify the cash counter officer to use JNE PIPO service
  • Step 2   : Complete the delivery form with your valid identity (Name & ID Card) and choose the JNE outlet destination which is serving PIPO
  • Step 3   : Save the receipt and PIN (confidential) from the JNE officer
  • Step 4   : Notify the receipt number and PIN to the recipient
  • Step 5   : After JNE destination received the delivery, the recipient can pick it up by present the receipt number, PIN, and valid IDs to the JNE officer
  • Step 6   : Sign the receipt for pick-up proof

Please contact the nearest JNE outlet for PIPO service availability.

Customer Care (62 21) 2927 8888