Custom Brokerage

Customs brokerages to release goods from the arrival terminal of airport/ port quickly and smoothly. This service includes: checking the completeness and validity of the import/ export permit, insert the data of export/ import declaration, companion and witness in the physical checks process, monitoring the presence of the goods in delivery process to the owner and when the clearance delay occurs.

Customs Clearance services:

  • JNE Express Clearance:  Air import customs clearance for cargo <100KG released within 8 hours of arrival.
  • Normal: For air and ocean import or export regardless weight, quantity, and types of cargo.
  • Rush Handling: The most swift release clearance; best for perishable or any time-sensitive cargos.

Importer of the Record (IOR): suitable for Indonesian or International companies who want to import products but does not have Indonesian import permits.

Import Permits Brokerage : A service of applying import permits on behalf of a company which its import commodity regulated by one or more Indonesian authority institutions.

Professional consulting: Import and export procedure and regulations consultation.

For further Custom Brokerage information, please contact:

Customer Care (62 21) 2927 8888