A Program to Clean 10 Mosques Enliven the Light of Ramadan JNE 2021

28 April 2021

In order to get rewards and blessings in the holy month of Ramadan, JNE held the 'Cleaning Mosque' program. The Nurul Huda Tomang Mosque and the Jami Al Mubarak Kemanggisan Mosque, West Jakarta, were the 2 mosques on the first day that they were cleaned.

Many virtues and rewards are achieved when a Muslim helps build, maintain, clean and prosper the mosque. These virtues, such as, his sins will be forgiven by Allah SWT, later a house will be built in heaven and will get a noble position by the side of the Prophet Muhammad, especially the practice is carried out in the month of Ramadan.

In addition, the mosque which is a place of worship for Muslims will be comfortable and cleaner so that those who carry out worship are more solemn. As was done at the Nurul Huda Tomang mosque, Monday (19/4/2021), which involved 10 JNE Knights from the EGD Department who were assisted by the BMD Department team. The activities carried out include cleaning the mosque's yard, toilets, ablution places, terraces, window panes, walls, ceilings, carpets, electronic equipment such as fans and speakers, as well as the Holy Quran. After everything was cleaned, the mosque room was sprayed with fragrance.


“After being cleaned by JNE, the mosque is cleaner, more comfortable and smells good. The worshipers here are more solemn and feel comfortable in the mosque,” ​​said Wawan, one of the youth administrators of the Nurul Huda Mosque. He also appreciated the activities held by JNE, especially in the month of Ramadan where the Nurul Huda Mosque was full of worshipers every day.

Wawan admitted, at the Nurul Huda mosque every week there are also mosque cleaning activities, but with very limited human resources, so that only certain parts are cleaned and not comprehensive. "Thank you JNE, may Allah SWT reward you for your good deeds. Hopefully JNE will continue to advance and develop and continue to spread kindness to many people," he said.

The same thing was also expressed by Rudy, a pilgrim who used to pray at the Nurul Huda Mosque. “Now it is cleaner and more comfortable, the ablution area is also cleaner, there is also a fragrant smell inside. Hopefully JNE will hold more events like this," he said.

As is known, this program is one part of the 'Cahaya Ramadhan JNE 2021' program. "This clean-up program includes alms for cleaning mosques, assistance for cleaning equipment and distribution of ta'jil," explained JNE's Head of EGD Department, Hary Purnama, as chairman of the committee 'Cahaya Ramadhan JNE 2021'. *

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