Halal Bihalal JNE 1442 H, Strengthening Silaturahim

24 May 2021

Because it is still in a pandemic atmosphere, the halal bihalal event which is routinely held every year after the Ramadan fasting worship is held virtually. The event, which was attended by the JNE Board of Directors, was attended by all JNE branch offices throughout the country.

Not to forget, in this event, compensation was also given to orphans where all of them along with the participants who were present at Tomang 11 had followed the health protocols specified. Although it was held virtually, this event still received an enthusiastic and warm welcome from the participants who took part online.

The halal bihalal event which was held on Thursday (20/5/2021) at the ballroom on the 7th floor of JNE Tomang 11, apart from being a place to forgive each other after fasting during Ramadan, it also aims to strengthen the relationship between fellow employees and JNE leaders throughout Indonesia.

Besides being attended by the three JNE Directors, namely Mohamad Feriadi, Chandra Fireta and Edi Santoro, the event was also attended by the Chairman of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Bazis KH. Ahmad Lutfhi Fathulah who was asked to give religious tausiyah.

In his remarks, JNE President Director Mohamad Feriadi wished 'Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1442 H' to JNE Knights and Heroes throughout Indonesia. "After we have successfully passed the test for a month with various worship practices and closed with the victory day of Eid al-Fitr and then halal bihalal, it is hoped that our faith and piety will increase, which means that our fasting worship is accepted by Allah SWT," he said.

After Ramadhan, continued M. Feriadi, it is necessary to emigrate to be better, whether it is in terms of the practice of worshiping Allah and in performance, where working consistently with the company's values, namely being honest, disciplined, full of responsibility and visionary is also part of worship.

"The real test is after Ramadan, whether the worship that was carried out during the month of Ramadan will continue or stop. This is an opportunity to migrate for the better,” he said.

In the midst of increasingly fierce competition, JNE must continue to be maintained by implementing corporate values. JNE will also be consistent not to leave orphans and do good, because therein lies the blessing.

"Even though it's still a pandemic, never leave good deeds, and on the contrary good deeds must continue to increase, in order to get blessings and sustenance from Allah SWT," concluded M. Feriadi. *

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