Ways to Improve Services for MSMEs by JNE Pekanbaru

02 July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a difficult impact on all business sectors, including MSMEs. This is a challenge for JNE as the largest shipping service in Indonesia to be able to help MSMEs.

This action is implemented by JNE Pekanbaru as well, which actively carries out various programs to provide convenience for MSMEs, including for the surrounding community.

With 352 employees, 128 networks in all sub-districts and sub-districts, and 43 car fleets capable of covering all provinces in Riau, JNE Pekanbaru tries to remain present to provide excellent service for MSME players.

"We are trying in terms of doing promo programs such as providing discounted shipping costs, cashback for MSMEs that are carried out independently or online from the market place," said Hui Mandra as Branch Manager of JNE Pekanbaru in the JNE Ngajak Online webinar.

Not only that, Hui admitted that his party also provides many appreciation programs for loyal consumers who are members of the JNE Loyalty Card or JLC.

JNE Pekanbaru is also active in holding a series of community empowerment events such as free workshops and training. This is done to increase the competitiveness of MSMEs in the digital era.

"We also serve MSMEs which request a quick pick-up with free pick-up, we try to pick up the package faster for them," he said.

Meanwhile, for consumers who would like to experience more services from JNE, Hui said, it is better for Pekanbaru SMEs to join JLC. The method is quite easy, just come to the JNE counter or you can go online.

"So those who want to join JLC will be made easier, if they register at the counter, they can also get points immediately," he said.

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