Topping Off for JNE Mega Hub Development

18 August 2020

August 2020 - Responding to the development of e-commerce and the changing purchasing power of society which is changing very rapidly and dynamically, JNE is adapting and is committed to continuing to innovate so that it can always provide the best experience to customers through excellent service quality. This form of innovation is realized in development in various main sectors, namely: information and technology, infrastructure, networks, and human resources. Especially in the infrastructure sector, since the beginning of 2018, JNE has made preparations for the construction of a Mega Hub. This infrastructure development is one of JNE's steps in realizing its mission to become the leading global supply chain company in the world.

Wednesday, 13th August, a virtual topping off ceremony was held, marking the completion of the construction of the Mega Hub or giant warehouse located at the Mas Airport warehouses, Kedaung Wetan Village, Neglasari District, Tangerang City, Banten. Previously, ground breaking or laying of the first stone construction was carried out on December 3, 2018.

The event was attended by several invitees, including M. Feriadi Soeprapto as President Director of JNE, Chandra Fireta and Edi Santoso as Director, Agusnur Widodo as VP of Business Development, and David Rasul as VP of Human Capital who symbolically topped off by pressing sirens and laying the last cement witnessed by Dody W. Putro as Project Manager of JNE Mega Hub.

The virtual topping off ceremony was also broadcast live on the @JNE_ID Instagram account. Invitation restrictions and virtual broadcast of events cannot be separated from the Covid-19 pandemic which has not ended. Invitations who attend must follow strict health protocols, starting from checking body temperature, setting the distance, to wearing a face shield.

M. Feriadi, President Director of JNE, said, "We hope, after the topping off, the Mega Hub construction process will run smoothly and in accordance with the targets that have been set. This strategic step is a form of our commitment to continue to provide maximum service to customers, so that JNE will always be able to deliver happiness throughout Indonesia, according to the #Connectinghappiness tagline. "

Further preparations for the construction of the Mega Hub, JNE has purchased an automatic sorting machine and the installation will be carried out on time, where the procurement of this high-tech machine is in collaboration with Damon, a company that provides supporting equipment for logistics operations and supply chain based in Shanghai, said Feriadi.

The JNE Mega Hub has a very strategic location because it is very close to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, so it is expected to accelerate the process of package delivery mobility. Built on 4 hectares of land, the Mega Hub will have the capability to handle around 30 million packages per month or approximately 1 million packages per day which means 48 thousand packages per hour. With this capacity, it is certain that JNE will be ready to handle more customer orders and distribute them to all regions in Indonesia and 250 countries on all continents.

Since 2010 with the emergence of e-commerce in Indonesia, the growth of JNE's business in the express courier sector has reached 30% - 40% per year. Until today, the number of customer packages sent by JNE continues to increase from time to time. In recent months, the number of shipments handled has reached an average of 19 million packages per month, even increasing by more than 20 million packages during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, Harbolnas and other e-commerce sales momentum. That means that every day JNE sends around 1 million packages to various destinations within and outside the country.

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