08 July 2021

JOGJA—Online sales are recently preferred by many people to market their products. Thus, in addition to product quality, best delivery of products to the consumers should be well concerned.

The Owners of AW Collections, Wiwid Sofiyanti and Arif Aryanto then shared their experiences in a talk show entitled Joni's Story (Cerita Joni) previously broadcasted on JNE’s Youtube channel.

They retold their stories when starting their hijab and fashion business since 2015. The initial capital was relatively small of only IDR 314,000. " we experienced ups and downs, like carrying many products using a motorbike even in rainy days," said Wiwid in this Joni's story.

Now through online sales, by constantly updating our new products and intensifying our advertising activities, Wiwid and Arif are able to send the received orders for 1,000-2,000 pcs per day. In delivering their products, Wiwid admited that packaging was greatly important to ensure the ordered products arrived to and received by the buyers in their best quality.

"Do not let the customer receive the packages in damaged and torn conditions. Customers actually have different characteristics. Some immediately asked questions right after receving the products, some other were patient, and we usually sent the receipts to be easily and immediately checked by the customers. Thus, we have to be patient because buyers’ reviews are also greatly important,” said Wiwid.

During these pandemic situations, many people admitted experiencing a declining turnover. To survive, you have to continuously make innovations, such as by producing face-masks.

"Thank God, our recent sales conditions have continuously improved and even create job vacancies for at least 30 people,” he said.

The members of JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) also shared their trust using JNE services and becoming the JLC members. Arif added that after becoming a JLC member, he could also collect points and, based on his experience, he has exchanged his collected points with eight cellphones and cameras.

They also encouraged the other micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) actors to start their businesses. "In today's digital era, capital is no longer the main aspect, in starting a business. The most important is intention and consistency in running any business," they added.

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