Struck a Deal with JNE

07 January 2020

January  7th,  2020 – JNE is in collaboration with to facilitate the community in making donation to the poor and anyone in need of help. With this agreement, everyone making a package delivery using JNE services can make a donation anywhere and anytime digitally via

As a digital platform, provides a facility for collecting voluntary funds from the community (philanthropy) to allow anyone to easily and directly donate to help others. Through JNE which delivers millions of packages each month, the donation process would be easier for JNE provides the support by attaching QRcode of on the packing of every package it delivers.

Thanks to this facility from JNE and, customers and community in general who wish to donate can do so just by scanning this QR Code of printed on the packing of JNE packages. The donation can be made cashless using OVO, Link Aja! or DANA.

Until recently, has distributed hundreds of aids throughout Indonesia. The beneficiaries include disabled persons and elderly. It is also directed to repair mosques and educational facilities as well as operation assistance and hundreds of other cases the fundraising of which is still in progress even until now.

Even this agreement is made to realize JNE’s tagline “Connecting Happiness” which means to bring fourth happiness. The spirit of this tagline is consistent with both’s vission and missions, whose one of the cofounders, Andy F. Noya, has more than 13 years organized social events, including through his broadcast program "Kick Andy” and “Big Circle” on Metro TV.


M. Feriadi, the President Director of JNE, says “This agreement between JNE and is a development in inviting and facilitating anyone wherever they are to donate and share to help others. Thanks to this collaboration with, JNE can maximize its attempts even further to give benefits to as many people as possible.” CEO, Andy F Noya, also says, "I’m happy that can cooperate with JNE, since even when I was a reporter I saw how the founder of JNE was always keen to share goodness with the poor. Thus, spreading goodness has been a culture built by JNE since long ago.

Andy also believes that this culture is one of what enable JNE to develop rapidly to be what it is now. “If companies build this sharing culture since their incorporations, it shows that they share the value that Indonesia as a nation relies on as its power, i.e. gotong royong or mutual assistance," he explains.

He also adds, “ believes that even more parties who have this good will to help others will emerge. With such a collaboration in goodness and care to others, increasingly many more of our brothers and sisters will be helped and have the chance to live a better life. Let’s plant goodness as long as we have the chance to do it," Andy ends it.

This cooperation between JNE and is inaugurated on Tuesday (7/1) on Tomang Rooftop Lt.3, Jl. Tomang Raya No. 54, West Jakarta. At this event, JNE also symbolically gives an aid at a total amount of 110 millions rupiah to Subdistrict chairmen from 11 subdistricts in Jakarta affected by the recent flood.

These subdistricts are located around JNE's offices, including Pejaten Timur in South Jakarta. Some of them are situated in Central Jakarta, i.e. Kemayoran, Gunung Sahari Selatan, and Sumur Batu, and also in East Jakarta Timur, such as Jatinegara, Cipinang Cempedak, and Kampung Makasar. Finally, those in West Jakarta include Kembangan Selatan, Rawa Buaya, Kapuk, and Jatipulo.

Feriadi says that this step is one of JNE’s efforts in responding to the disaster affecting the community. “JNE lives right within the community and it has been a part of many people’s life. Therefore, JNE should be capable of helping the community affected by disasters like the recent flood. We do hope that this aid could somewhat lessen the burden of these victims”, he ends it.

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